Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So many things....

Oh this week has been so very full of things!!!

We returned to the lake to look for the child we want to help with glasses, we were told that his family went to visit family and to come back another day. We will try again soon! Please pray about helping this boy with his glasses, we have only had one pledge so far.

On a very sad note, we had to let one of our workers go this week, as all the items that were missing were found at her place of residence. I had suspected her but was praying that she would change her ways. Please say a prayer for her!

I went to visit Clinton yesterday at his Grandmothers, he has lost even more weight and was extremely dehydrated, I asked if I could take him home and she said yes, I rushed him to the clinic where they immediately admitted him and then asked if I would go get Grandma and bring her back. Clinton needs our prayers everyone!!!  He is so skinny he almost looks like Ester did. He is now on IV and has started drinking his bottle. Please pray his recovery keeps taking the positive turn! He is so very loved.

Yesterday I also had a horrible horrible scare, those of you that have been here know that the boda drivers are crazy! They almost remind me of a suicide mission. I was turning onto a street with the car and one came flying out of no where and slammed into the side of me. I ended up running over his front tire, and ran out of the car to see if anyone was hurt. Praise the Lord everyone was just fine, as the mob is surrounding us, they all were pointing at my indicator and then the boda, and those that could said to me in English dont worry mama he is c razy it is his fault we saw the whole thing. I still had to pay 25,000sh though :( But I pray that at least this one boda learned to be safer.

We were visited this week by 3 different people wanting to leave their niece or nephews because they cannot care for them. They were all double orphans, and left with relatives that are struggling, please pray for these children.
Please all prayer warriors, pray for funding, I would like to see my husband again someday! :)

Blessings to all

The beautiful Sunset

Taking care of babies at church!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lake Wamala

We went to Lake Wamala FINALLY! It was awesome to see new places and the kids had a great time chasing the ducks and gathering snail shells!

There is a beautiful baby in this fishing village that really needs glasses, his eyes are very crossed, as you all know that cross eyes must be fixed early in life. As we are not fully funded, we do not have funds to get him the help he needs, please pray about contributing or sponsering him completely so that we can take him to kampala for testing and get him the glasses he needs!!!

Clinton went home with his Jjajja for a time, he will beback soon, I check on time daily and he seems to be making progress. Please pray he regains his strength and heals completely.

Betty and Ester are doing wonderful!
Betty found her hand this week and marvels at it alot!

 Blessings to all!
Please keep praying

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Update on Clinton

Clinton was admitted to a private clinic here in Mityana on Saturday, they are saying that he tested positive for malaria. His malaria treatment is over and he looks better but he still vomits and has a dry cough, still dehydrates etc. Please continue to pray for the little guy, he has had a rough go of it!

I took Ester's Jjajja here picture and she was so happy! Sometimes its the little things that make a huge difference.

I am missing my husband more and more with each day. Today is a very rough day for me. I am trying to stay focused on God and why we are here, but today I am being selfish and want my husband here with me!
I pray it gets easier. I tell myself husband and wives spend time apart all the time, and that by me being selfish isnt helping. My personal pep talks get me through day by day, and we still have 3 months to go! ARGH!

Tonny, one of our Ugandan friends plans on taking us to Lake Wamala that is right close to us on Friday. I hope its a lot of fun for the children and I.

My children have really stepped up to the plate while I have been so busy with sick children and dogs, I am so incredibly proud of them!

Blessings to all

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trials and the rewards

I am so very sorry about not updating sooner, things are so busy here, and without Randy here to help, it seems I am always going.

It has been a very eventful week. Clinton is still very ill, please continue prayers for him.

We ended up taking Clinton to the Surgery in Kampala, where he has received an NG tube, so we are able to feed him. He still vomits occasionally, about 2-3 times a day. We will return to the surgery today or Monday. He is still having green mucous which is telling me that after all of his antibiotics he has been on,  he must have one bad virus! He has a cough, which I think is what is triggering the vomiting. Prayers are needed and wanted! Henry went and told his jjjajja (grandma) that he has been ill she immediately came to visit him. She stayed for a few hours, then left and returned with the most amazing avocados for us!!! I felt so blessed!

We also had to get Esters paperwork from the LC (local chairman) of her village, he had not seen Ester before she was placed in our care, so he had asked we bring him pictures of her the day she arrived, he was very moved and repeatedly told us thank you for helping one so close to death. He had a child run and tell Ester's jjajja that we were there, and she walked up to see us. When she saw Ester she started crying, and hugged me. It made all the trials of being without my husband and all the stress fade into the background and truly reminded me that this is where God wants us to be. Praise the Lord! Jjajja saw the pictures of Ester and asked if she could have them. I gave them to her, but was sad she had to have pictures of her when she was so ill. I then remembered the camera was in my purse and asked if I could take a picture of her with Ester.

I made a copy of this in town and hope to go back today and give this to jjajja!!! Ester looks so much like her!

Prayer list

Please continue in prayer for my family as we struggle at times without our husband and father! 3 months to go!
Also pray for people willing to start donating monthly, whether 5, 10, 20, anything and everything helps here!
Pray for the babies, Ester, Clinton, and Betty.

Thank you all!