Monday, August 27, 2012

Deworming and a Day Visiting the Baboons

One part of our ministry that we feel is so absolutely necessary is our deworming ministry. We have been trying quite hard to get this program up and running, but nothing happens quickly here in Uganda! This is our visit to some villages in Mityana District handing out worm pills and loving on the people.

Yesterday we traveled to Kibale Forest, the visitors center, and got to see monkeys and baboons!

We took a van full of workers and children. I think we all had a really good time.

We took Douglas, the boy that helps us digs our land. He has not left his village much, and got car sick along the way. Emma went in search of the local village medicine for vomiting, and gave that to Douglas, declaring quite confidently that he will not vomit again!!! Guess what! Douglas had no more problems that day! Praise the Lord!

Here are some pictures of our journey yesterday!

Please keep praying for HCU, Randy leaves Saturday for the states, and this makes us very sad, but we know that everything is in God's timing. Please pray for our finances as things are very tight til Randy brings in his paycheck, and rent is due soon!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Update on Joseph, Uganda and More!

Joseph was FINALLY able to have his surgery last Friday. He came home with smiles on his face.

Please pray that the bone regrows properly, and that all the infection was removed this time!

He takes everything in stride and is doing so good!

We have been very busy this past few weeks visiting all the sub-counties of Mityana District.
We thoroughly enjoyed finally viewing the area in which God has sent us to serve!

We encountered a few oddities that educated us more about the people of Uganda.
Here is a couple examples,

We were nearing a deep village area, and we started seeing these at every pathway to a house.
We asked Emma, what on earth is this about? Why are there crosses at every house?

Emma said, the villagers believe that the devil comes at night and calls their name, so for protection for their house and the people within them, they put these crosses made from soot at the pathways to their houses to ward off the devil and keep him from entering.

The triplets are recovering nicely!

This picture was taken at the Mityana Hospital at their last check-up.

Please keep the prayers coming for HCU and the people we serve in Jesus name!