Monday, April 25, 2011

Excitement, Anticipation, and Various Unknowns

8 days til we all board the planes, Randy on KLM with 3 luggage, carry on and a dog, myself on British Air, with 5 children, 6 carry ons, 6 hand bags, and 23 totes.

Please pray with us that we, and all our luggage arrive safely. We have changed our plans somewhat, we have decided that it would be more cost effective, (and funds are always a concern) to go straight to Mityana after leaving plane, we have way too much luggage to hang around Entebbe or Kampala. We will hire someone to drive us back to Kampala to go van shopping once we find a place to establish HCU.

God seems to be opening doors left and right! What an awesome sight.

Ohh Friends the need in this district of Uganda is so incredibly huge. We have a little boy waiting for HCU to open as we speak.  Please pray for HCU and the people and children of the district of Mityana. Please pray that the process of getting work permits and registering HCU goes smoothly in country. Pray for the proper funds to come in, and that our every action and word glorifies the Lord!

On a different note, Uganda was chosen as 1 of the countries to trial the new Malaria vaccine! Pray that this vaccine is effective and has good results, The outcome of these trials could be so wonderful, the amount of lives it could save daily is astounding!

Blessings to all,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Preparations

This last week has been the most stressful yet! I will say again, "It is NOT easy liquidating an entire household" I find myself sitting and debating what to do with the most little thing. I am very close to just packing what is deemed 'essential' and letting Randy deal with it when he comes back to clear out the house, as I know he will not feel like I do and just start throwing away or giving it to someone. 

We are at 20 days til leaving and this weekend we are going to do a final push to get everything into totes this weekend, so that we may weigh them and rearrange as necessary. We all are going to be left with 3 outfits, 1 for plane, extra for carry on, and 1 extra to swap around that will be packed right before we leave. I am already feeling as though we have forgotten something desperately needed!

Please pray for our family and our board members as the enemy is not liking us very much at the moment. We have had so many things happened, just to see God divinely 'fix' things! Praise the Lord! I once had a Pastor that said, "You know you are doing well at being the Hands of Feet of God is the enemy is finding you attractive!" We as a family have been very diligent in our prayers. Please keep praying for our families protection and that of the board members.