Monday, March 26, 2012


When we obeyed Gods call to Uganda, we knew that this would not be an easy decision, leaving family and friends behind. But we knew that God would be there for us.

I do have to say I am now experiencing that hardest trial since we have been here.

I received a call today that my father has passed away. This is the man that has always been there throughout my entire life, the man that was always supportive in my choices, the man that pushed me to achieve the goals I set out to achieve. The man that took his time to patiently skype with his daughter and offer her his advice from halfway around the world. The man that loved me for who I was. Sounds so much like our Father in Heaven now doesn't it? Heavenly Father please hold me right now as I feel like a part of me has died with my earthly one.

Please pray for the children and I as we grieve. Please pray for Randy as he is in the states and not able to be with his family during this trying time. Please pray for my extended family in the states, for understanding as to why we cannot return for the funeral, and for healing.

Thank you all for being such great prayer warriors for us

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Prayers for Land

All week we have been making steps towards purchasing 3 acres!

We negotiated and negotiated, came to an agreement.

We hired surveyors to mark our 3 acres, they will finish tomorrow hopefully.

After that all happens then we will have to wait 2-3 weeks then we can close on the property and it will be HCU's, Praise the Lord!

Land prayer requests
-that the surveyors show up in the morning to finish
-that the rest of the process goes smoothly
-and most of all that we stay with in Gods will for this property.
-please also pray for ALL the children here are HCU (even our personal children) as they all are having some bad colds!

Thank you all for all of your prayers

Monday, March 19, 2012

So Sorry!!!

We are so very sorry that we have not posted in such a long time, due to some computer malfunctions (that were repaired yesterday) we have not had good access to the Internet.

That all being said, let me fill you in on the highlights of the past month!
Shadia is healing wonderfully!
All the other children are very healthy and happy!!!
Here is the best news We have found land for HCU! Praise God!
We should have everything finalized within a month, please be in prayer that the purchase goes smoothly.  Buying land here can be tricky, and we are taking things very slowly and making sure everything is legal. Once we are closer to actually handing over money, we will then hire a surveyor, ($75). Our next step will be then to get power to the land. (estimate $2500). Then we will build a small house for the caretaker of the land (this prevents squatters, and allows us to put animals and such there til we build). Estimate on small house is $2000. Thanks to the family that donated the land money, we should have enough to purchase this land and the power, we are asking your help for the small house! This house will be used as a caretaker house and once we are ready to build we should be able to incorporate it into HCU as a clinic or office. 

Please pray that we keep walking within God's will for HCU and that we glorify HIM!

More pictures to come soon!

Blessings to all!