Monday, April 30, 2012

Joseph's Trip to Mulago

We took Joseph to Mulago today.

Waited in line for 5 hours to be seen, and were told they needed a letter sending them to bone DR.
Finally were given the letter at 2pm, just to be told that they needed yet another letter. Achieved 2nd letter at 5pm, and then were told at 6 pm to return on Friday to see the Bone DR. What a frustrating day for everyone! I will keep you all updated as things happen around here. They did end up admitting him because he is such bad condition! This means costs are going to increase as they are keeping him til bone DR shows on Friday. Please share we have had 3 families donate and feel we had cost for surgery now. But now that he is going to have to stay for 4 days before even seen by the bone DR we are unsure if we will have enough funds.

Please pray for Gods protection for everyone here at HCU. We seem to have taken every single child to DR these last few days and its draining the funds! They all need to get well!!!

The HCU shop opens in town tomorrow, we are lacking Mobile Money, but everything else is there, we are praying mobile money comes quickly, but MTN is out of it at the moment.
Please pray for our new arrival, Isabelle!!!! Shes so beautiful.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Update on Joseph!!!

Please Please pray for Joseph!!! We were able to get his x-rays completed today.
He has a severe bone infection that is so far gone that the infection has literally ate through his leg and is now coming out at the shins. The DRs are saying that this is now untreatable with medicines alone and needs an operation IN Kampala at Mulago Hospital.

People please help us, we do not have the funds to send him. He is going to lose his leg if we delay much longer. Please pray about helping this young man, he is a double orphan living with his Grandma and she is taking care of his other 3 siblings. She was very upset today and asked us if we could help her with his leg removal as she didnt have funds for Mulago. I about cried and told Emma to tell her not to give up hope that God will find a way to help this child!

Please Pray!!!

Joseph from Ttamu

Yesterday in the village, we were checking on our fruits and veggies on our land. I noticed a boy of about 15 just sitting there with  2 huge sores and pus oozing everywhere. I asked if I could return and clean and dress the wounds, His Gma was thrilled I would help. Upon getting there and cleaning wounds, I found that this was beyond my help because the whole leg from the knee down is septic, I also found out he has had this for 7 months. I took him to the DR this AM and found out that is it probably a bone infection, (we are getting xrays) This is going to be an ongoing treatment for this poor boy. They also cleaned and lanced and scraped with NO lidocaine!!!! Please pray for healing in his leg, and please pray about sponsoring his medical treatment. There is no way I could ever leave him there like he was knowing he would not get proper treatment. But as you all know our funding is limited. Todays treatment plus dressing supplies $40.00


Say a prayer for me as well, missing my husband and have been slightly teary lately

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We here at HCU have been researching ways to bring an income to HCU without relying completely on donations.

We have been approached by MTN to take over a wholesale airtime route, MTN mobile Money and be the dealer for the Mityana area of Nokia phones.

We are very excited about this oppurtunity, as it would also allow Randy to be at HCU more instead of in the states working. All profits from this would go to HCU and be used for the babies home.

We are needing approximately 6,000 US to start these projects. Much of this money would just be investment in the products so that we may resell. There is guarentee income with the wholsesale airtime route and the nokia phones.  We are asking you all to please prayfully consider donating this start up costs so that we may in the future become more self sustainable. If you would like a more detailed printout of where the money would go, please feel free to email us.

We now have 13 Children at the Center!!!

Thank you everyone for being a blessing!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meet David and Julius!

This is David, He is 12 months old and weighs 8 lbs, would you all please pray for his recovery.
He had malaria but he is such a little fighter! He is doing much better now!

This is Julius, he has mild CP but is not walking due to the fact he has never had therapy. He is very very terrified of Mzungus, (white people). He is 3 yrs old and was left at the Chairmans house and a teacher in the village has been taking care of him. Please pray he adjusts well.

Our land purchase is going right on track at this time. We have been researching a self sustaining project for the land on a small corner of it that would bring an income in for HCU. We are $7000-$8000 short on this project. We are going to make 4 shops that will offer the village airtime cards, mobile money and grocery items that they have to normally walk 4 km to buy. Please pray we find some investors in this project! We would love to be bringing in an income for HCU!

Blessings to All!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

This has been the toughest week in my life, this week my father was buried. He was one of the few people that I could ALWAYS count on to be there for me when I just needed to rant about life's injustices. I have spent this week trusting in God's promises, and having faith!

My daughter that is still in the states took the time and effort to skype my with her phone (including video) and carried me around with her for the whole funeral and graveside services! Technology! I would like to say I am amazed I had power all day, but I am not, I would say I am amazed the Internet actually worked decent, but I am not, I would say that I am amazed that all the children and I were able to sit on my bed and go to my fathers funeral, but I am not, this was all God everyone! God knew I needed some closure, and He provided that in a wonderful way!

This week was also filled with more land efforts, we spent 4 days going out to the land and picking up the elderly owner and taking her to the courts so that she could get papers completed. This was all completed finally Thursday, and now we are starting our 14 business day waiting period! Praise the Lord! The children are all so excited to have land that they can run and play on, and Josiah and Alex are already planning gardens and animals!!! So awesome! Please  continue to pray that this process goes smoothly!

Now on that note, HCU will own a piece of land that sits in the middle of this small village. The villagers in this village have never had the opportunity to have electricity. They have had to walk 3-4 kilometers to charge phones, make phone calls, and pick up small grocery items. HCU would like to build a small series of shops on the small piece of land in the village. We would like to provide for the villagers, phone charging, airtime cards, mobile money (its a money transfer service) have cold sodas, and the one that I am most excited about is providing them an area that they can watch TV! (My father absolutely LOVED watching TV) We would also add grocery items as they are requested. We will have enough money left after land purchase to start this endeavor, but we will not have enough to finish this project. This is where we would LOVE your help, please tell your friends, share this post, do whatever you can to get the word out. We estimate we are anywhere from $5000-$6000 short on money, most of this is moving the electricity down and wiring the shops for electric. If you can help in any way we would truly appreciate the blessings.

I want to thank each and everyone of you that prayed for me this week, I felt the prayers and please continue, I find myself missing my father each and every day, I also find myself going to the computer with the intent to skype him to tell him about something that happened and have to remind myself that he is no longer there. I also thought alot about the emotion grief this week, I almost feel that it is a selfish emotion, I know my dad is with my Heavenly Father, why am I not rejoicing in that fact? Why am I so selfish to continue to want him here on earth with me?

Blessings to all!