Thursday, November 20, 2014

HCU School!

HCU has an awesome little school. We provide quality education free of fees to children that would not be attending school otherwise. The children are also provided a healthy lunch. Here are some of the children eating their lunch.

The school is currently funded by an extremely generous donor, and my husband Randy. The school is lacking funds. We are not wanting to close the school as so many of these children would not have any sort of education if we did, we are humbly coming to you and asking if you all would pledge to sponsor the school.

Our budget is minimal.
Rent                        $220
Teacher Salaries     $200
Lunch                     $200
Supplies                  $50

Total Amount $670

If we can get the school completely funded this provides schooling free of charge to 60 children that would not ever attend school! Currently we have 30 children enrolled as we do not have the funding for more, would you please consider sponsoring our school?

Thank you everyone for your prayers!