Friday, October 21, 2011

Praising Jesus!!!

Yesterday we received Betty and Ester's Foster papers! We are very excited. We also received Jorams care orders for his transfer so today will be his last day with us. Please join us in thanking God for all His blessings!

We also have hit a snag in our orphanage license, one we knew was there but have been praying to God to intervene for us. The probation Officer is asking us to own land with structures on it. He is saying he does not like to approve orphanages that do not own land because if we would happen to get in an argument with landlord, and the landlord made us move, where would we go, and what would happen to the children we care for. I see his heart softening, and think now when I suggest if we compromise and we just own land, and structures can come at a much later time, would he seriously consider us.

I also think he is wondering if we are sincere and are dedicated to this ministry, and honestly, here, they are all valid concerns. I do not blame him in the slightest for being careful. So if you all would please pass the word along about our land fund raiser we would really appreciate it. It does not take much money at all here to purchase land. If we owned land we could also put chickens, pigs, cows and goats on it for food and milk as well!!!! Plus have our own garden.

The twin's father came to visit the other day and stayed with them for quite a few hours, I was very encouraged by watching him with the babies. Please pray for a decent job for the father and someone to help him care for his children. He was amazed at how much weight Ruthie has gained and how well they are doing. Since he has last seen them they are now crawling and pulling themselves up to a standing position.

Esters is having a problem with her HIV medicines, please pray that the DRs have the wisdom to correct this problem.

I am so thrilled to have my husband here, that every day, I find myself praying THank you Lord for my husband, but at the same time I try to start worrying about when he must leave again. I quickly remind myself to enjoy the time he is here with us, and not fret about when he will leave again. The lessons I have learned about trusting God  in absolutely every aspect of life!!!!!

We have rent due in November for 6 months,($1,500) that is our next big expense, please join us in prayer for funding for that.  Our Budget is around $1500 a month. We are currently receiving pledges of around $400.00

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support, we appreciate everything!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

SO busy!

SOrry I have not updated more recently, but with the arrival of my husband, and a visitor, we hit the ground running!!!

I have found a sponsor for the 3 yr old girl, it is a wonderful family from the Netherlands!!! I will have more information on her soon, but I did manage to gather a couple pictures of her.

I sat down today and made a list of the things I need to accomplish the rest of the month, once i hit #18 I stopped, I figure even if i get 1 item a day done, I am still into November. I am going to be so busy. Getting sick, for a few weeks and then hubby coming back has really slowed down my progress. Please pray we all stay healthy so that I can make a HUGE dent in the to-do list.

We are still shopping for a vehicle, the progress is slow here, it takes most the day just to look at one. We are attempting to have the mechanic look at any vehicle we consider so that it is not something that will take lots and lots of money to maintain and fix.

Prayer Warriors, here is our prayer requests
1. Joram and Ester, that they stay healthy and their medicines work in the proper way.
2. God's favor as we starting gathering necessary documents to become an orphange.
3. Funding sources, so that my husband will be able to stay with us.
4. God points us to right vehicle.
5. Work Permits, (they are 'lost' at immigration) Please pray they are approved quickly.

Thank you all for your prayers and support!!!!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

God is moving hearts!!!

We have this wonderful man that delivers bananas to us, his name is Hussan, the other day he asked if I would come to his village and take a 3 yr old child that had no mother and father, and that she had had a cleft lip that had been fixed, (from what I saw it was not done very well) She is a wonderful child, (well they all are aren't they?)

The most awesome thing about this is that the man was very sad about putting her into an orphanage as he himself loved her dearly. I explained to him that until our license comes through that we could not accept her. He then became even more saddened saying that if he had to put her into an orphanage that he wanted it to be ours, as he has seen what good care and how much we love the babies.

God immediately gave me a solution. I asked Hussan if he was able to feed her if he wanted to keep her, and he said Yes, Madame of course I would want her, she is a wonderful child, but I cannot afford to keep trying to take care of her. I said, Hussan, let us help, we will take care of medical bills and help you with food. He said Oh I cannot believe my good fortune, you would do that for me? She is like my daughter!

If anyone is interested in sponsoring her, please email us! It would only be $20.00 a month. That would supply all her food, including milk! If a medical need arose, we would cover the cost and then email you with the specifics, normally it is less than $10 for good care. I will post pics soon!

God is moving hearts! THis is a HUGE step as most just do not want another added burden, and here is this elderly man loving the child!

Praise the Lord!!!!

We also had 3 teenagers stop by last evening. They expressed interest in HCU, wanted to know more about it, and asked how they could be involved!!!! They also expressed that in their village there are some street children that are double orphans. I am encouraged and blessed at the way God is moving the people OF Uganda to step up and take action themselves!

Blessings to all!

Monday, October 3, 2011


My husband returns home tonight after 4 long months apart! OR at least I am praying he does. His flight out of Detroit left an hour and a half late, and that was the only connection time he had, so unless they hold the plane for him he will miss his connection. Please pray with me that his flight gains some time in route and he does make his connection!

The children and I are beyond excited to see him!

He is bringing me my other dog as well, and our friend Sam. I cannot wait to see everyone! This next week is bound to be packed with adventure!