Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meet Naomi

Please meet Naomi Hope. She is 2 weeks old and absolutely beautiful!!! She was abandoned here in Mityana and is perfectly and wonderfully made!

I think Dad is enjoying her!

Please pray for HCU, in all things.


Saturday, December 15, 2012


I have decided to highlight one child that needs a sponsor for school and/or medical needs.

This week I have chosen Seth.

Seth is an amazing young man. He is the brother to David and James. He is 15 years old. His father passed away a number of years ago. His mother died shortly after giving birth to David.

What makes this young man absolutely amazing is that after his mother passed away, his step father moved to Kampala and left him in the house his mother lived in til she passed. He took his bicycle and went to town and created for himself a job. He is a delivery boy. He runs errands, and odd jobs. His income is very low. BUT he had the courage and the strength and the intelligence to survive.

Seth visits his brothers often, brings them sweeties and plays with them with genuine love and caring.

I asked Seth if he would please go back to school if HCU could find him a sponsor and he promised he would. I have a feeling if we could get him back into school that its young men like this that will someday make a difference in Uganda!

Please pray about becoming a part of this boys life...........

If you would like to sponsor Seth please go here and find his name..


Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Thanksgiving is tomorrow, we have so much to be thankful here at HCU....

Thank you to all of you, our supporters, whether it is in prayer or funding...
Thank you to the Lord.....
Thank you to a wonderful husband who sacrifices his own wants and needs to fund this ministry...
Thank you to all of my children that see the bigger picture now...

This is what my daughter Elizabeth wrote for her Thanksgiving...

What I am Thankful For....

I am thankful for God and Jesus, Why you may ask, because God asked Jesus to die on the Cross and He did!!!

I am thankful for my Mom and Dad, Why you may ask, because they care for me and they are the best!!!

I am thankful for my brothers and sisters, Why you may ask, because they love me and without them I would be lonely.

I am thankful for the plants and animals, Why you may ask, Because God put them on the earth to do a special job and I love plants!

I am thankful for God making me, Why, because I could help babies have a home.

I am thankful for Thanksgiving, Why, to share what I am thankful about!!!

Elizabeth Goering

I don't think anyone can say it better...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Susan, Edward and the New Twins

I had a friend encourage me to share more about Susan, Edward and the new twins.

Susan and Edward were born to a mentally handicapped woman, (her disability was due to malaria). Their mother is still alive, although she has a slight physical handicap as well that would be repairable with surgery. The mother was being taken advantage of in the village and that is how she gave birth to her 2 children. When the government asked her who the father was, she told them, now that mans family is wishing the children much harm. They are denying the children. The government sent them here to keep them safe from harm.

The twins, twins in the Bugandan culture are usually a huge blessing. There are special ceremonies celebrating the births. When the mother passes away due to children birth, the oppisite happens, and the culture then believes that they must be cursed. The villagers then call upon the local witch doctor to 'cleanse' the children. The children were placed here to keep them safe as well.

These are the realities here, and sometimes they become overwhelming, sometimes I get angry, sometimes I cry, and most times I just cry out to Jesus to save this world.

Please be in prayer about these things, and if someone feels led to help Susan and Edwards mother, please get in touch with HCU, as we would like to help her as well as her children.



Dear Friends and Family,

Here at HCU we have a desperate need for someone to come home school our children starting in July 2013.

If you are interested in committing to this for at least 6 months, preferably 1 year. Please email HCU.

I ask each and everyone of you to please pray about this for us.


Monday, November 12, 2012


We were blessed today with a set of twins! They are girls as of yet, unnamed! Their mother died a week after giving birth to them. Please pray for them.

They are very tiny but yet oh so sweet!!!

Please pray about becoming a sponsor for the twins, formula is expensive in Uganda, and I have a feeling once they gain some weight we will be going through formula quite quickly!

Thank you all for your prayers, we all appreciate them here at HCU!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Arrivals

We have 2 beautiful new arrivals!!!

Please pray for their transition. The larger one is the elder sister, Susan and the younger one is Edward.

So far, they are doing wonderful!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This is the boy in the village I have been praying for. He desperately needed to go to kampala to have his eyes looked at and treated. Thank you Alkare for stepping in and helping this wonderful child!
He lives in a small fishing village by Lake Wamala!
Please pray for him as he will need further treatment and check up in a months time.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

End of Year!

Hello Everyone!!!

The end of the year is fast approaching!

We are asking that you prayerfully consider HCU for end of year contribution, please!

We are fully tax-deductible within the United States!! 501 (c) 3 registered.

We would ask all of you to please donate $10.00 a month. We would really like Randy to be able to stay this time for at least 3 months instead of a month, that means we need to have $3000 coming in each month for this to happen! He is really needing to spend some time with his wife and children.

We also want to thank each and everyone of you for praying for us as well.
Thank you for being a part of this ministry.

Blessings to all

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our Newest, Meet JOVIA!!!!

She is absolutely beautiful!!!!
Please pray she transitions well.
Also, still keep Ritah in your prayers please.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alkare and Julius

We had some wonderful visitors last month from the netherlands they are with Alkare they graciously donated funds to help with the purchase of a refrigerator for the baby home! We are so blessed! We are so looking forward to our lives being simplified by this fridge! Thank you again Alkare for the blessings!

Julius is home and doing well from his surgery! He will have to return for a few follow-up appointments, but they said everything is looking wonderful!!!
Praise the Lord!

Please pray for Ritah, she is so very sick! She will be going to Mulago today.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Quick Update

Just a quick update to let you all know that some wonderful people donated to help with Julius's surgery!!!

We all here at HCU want to thank you and we couldn't do this without all of your prayers and support


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Julius Update

Well Julius went to Kampala on Saturday to fix his cleft palate. Needless to say, he returned home that afternoon without surgery. The surgeon decided that he needed to see a specialist on the 2nd of October, and have surgery on the 3rd.

We have not had one person offer to help offset these expenses. Please pray about helping this little guy! He is so smiley and wonderful! We think that $300 would get his surgery and expenses covered.

We are also asking for everyone to consider helping out for Christmas here at HCU. We would like to get the childen some items for Christmas. If you decide to help donate for this cause please put Christmas money in the paypal memo line.

We thank everyone for their prayers and support!


Saturday, September 22, 2012


This is our Julius!!!
He is so very happy here, and always has a smile for everyone. Julius has a partial cleft palate that is being fixed today!!! Praise the Lord!

We are asking if you can help us with the expenses of his surgery. Dan the Dr is once again helping us, and has found a DR that is performing the surgery free of charge but we have to pay for medicines and transport. We will also have to give something small as a token of our gratitude. This whole thing should be around $200 so please if you feel led to give we would defiantly appreciate it.

This surgery is going to help Julius in oh so many ways, we are very excited!

Please be in prayer today for this little guy.

Blessings to all!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This past week we were blessed with some visitors from the Netherlands.

Here are a few pictures of their time here with us.

They helped us hand out Albendazole to the children in schools. THis is a necessary medication here due to the lack of clean water.

They made some children very happy with some gifts....

They donated some clothing as well, HCU was so incredibly blessed by their visit!
They also donated 2million shillings toward a refrigerator for HCU, please pray with me that we find a nice one on sale so that we can purchase one.

All for HIS glory
Blessings to all!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sad Day

Randy left for the states saturday night, we are all very saddened that he had to leave.

This journey has given me new appreciation for people that are in the military. It has also given me a new appreciation for my husband that I never knew I could have. I appreciated him before, but now I feel our relationship has gone to a whole new level.

Randy is so very self sacrificing for the Lord and his family. I am very very lucky to have such a Godly husband. He obeys the Lord, and most times that is the hardest thing to do in this world!

Please pray with us that we will become fully funded and that he can spend most of his time here with us in country.  Please pray for the children and I and God's protection over HCU and everyone within. We know that with prayer these things will happen.

Even the dogs miss him when he is not around!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Deworming and a Day Visiting the Baboons

One part of our ministry that we feel is so absolutely necessary is our deworming ministry. We have been trying quite hard to get this program up and running, but nothing happens quickly here in Uganda! This is our visit to some villages in Mityana District handing out worm pills and loving on the people.

Yesterday we traveled to Kibale Forest, the visitors center, and got to see monkeys and baboons!

We took a van full of workers and children. I think we all had a really good time.

We took Douglas, the boy that helps us digs our land. He has not left his village much, and got car sick along the way. Emma went in search of the local village medicine for vomiting, and gave that to Douglas, declaring quite confidently that he will not vomit again!!! Guess what! Douglas had no more problems that day! Praise the Lord!

Here are some pictures of our journey yesterday!

Please keep praying for HCU, Randy leaves Saturday for the states, and this makes us very sad, but we know that everything is in God's timing. Please pray for our finances as things are very tight til Randy brings in his paycheck, and rent is due soon!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Update on Joseph, Uganda and More!

Joseph was FINALLY able to have his surgery last Friday. He came home with smiles on his face.

Please pray that the bone regrows properly, and that all the infection was removed this time!

He takes everything in stride and is doing so good!

We have been very busy this past few weeks visiting all the sub-counties of Mityana District.
We thoroughly enjoyed finally viewing the area in which God has sent us to serve!

We encountered a few oddities that educated us more about the people of Uganda.
Here is a couple examples,

We were nearing a deep village area, and we started seeing these at every pathway to a house.
We asked Emma, what on earth is this about? Why are there crosses at every house?

Emma said, the villagers believe that the devil comes at night and calls their name, so for protection for their house and the people within them, they put these crosses made from soot at the pathways to their houses to ward off the devil and keep him from entering.

The triplets are recovering nicely!

This picture was taken at the Mityana Hospital at their last check-up.

Please keep the prayers coming for HCU and the people we serve in Jesus name!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Joseph's Funding, Update on Triplets

I am happy to inform you all that God funded Josephs surgery!!!

Please joining us in thanking HIm!

The triplets father is upset his wife is still not home. He is getting very angry, so the hospital is going to discharge them in the very near future.

We are now looking for someone to sponsor the triplets milk. Milk alone is going to be almost $40 a month. If you are interested here is a sponsor tab!

Thank you body for praying with us, and helping us help these children.

This will be a recurring monthly charge

Friday, July 27, 2012


Most of you know that HCU does not limit itself to just being an orphanage. We also do some outreach and rehabilitation services. We also attempt to help where possible without interfering with the culture or enabling people to become dependant on our services.

Dan Douglass, a medical student that is due to graduate in April of 2013, has been helping us around the center while he is on break from school. He is the one that was able to get Josephs necessary surgery, he also volunteers his time at the Mityana Government Hospital during his break.

Last year, there were quads born at the Gov hospital, three weeks ago, one of the quads was brought to the hospital with pneumonia and ended up passing away. Dan came home and literally cried on my shoulder, and we both decided that we needed to do a check-up on the remaining 3 children. The problem was, they are in the deep village, or deep bush. This area is only accessible by a motorcycle. I drove him as far as we could go and then he hired a motorcycle to take him the rest of the way.

What he found was indescribable, 2 of the 3 remaining children were very very ill, he treated them as best he could and encouraged them to bring them to town so that they could receive proper treatment. The parents refused, the father is an elderly muslim, and said that it was allah's choice to save these children or not. Dan returned from the village very discouraged and sad, we gathered funds and he rented a boda and returned later to check on them again. At this time there was no change in the children and he once again encouraged them, and made arrangements for the children and mother to come to the hospital. THe father once again refused. The father said at this time he wanted to take the children to the witch doctor, and see what happens.

Two days ago, Dan returned yet again to the village to visit the children, this is what he found when he arrived.

The witch doctor prescribed razor blade treatment, to release the sickness from the children's body.
These wounds are now infected and septic, on top of the pneumonia these babies were already experiencing.

Dan wisely realized at this point he needed help, so he went to the local chairman (an authorative figure here in uganda) and thanfully, the Holy Spirit went before him and interceded on his behalf and the LC told the parents that the children must travel to the hospital!!! The children are now at the main hospital getting treatment.

Please understand and do not judge these people, as this is their culture, and please keep praying for these children, as they needed healing desperately.

We could also use any amount God would lay on your heart to donate, because although it is a gov hospital some medicines are not free, and we are busy raising money and trying to get enough to feed 3 babies and their mother while they are there plus the medicines that the children so desperately need!

We are also in need of more funds for Josephs surgery, his second surgery is scheduled this coming Friday, and we are lacking the funds, but we push forward and trust God completely that the funds will become available!

Thank you all for being a part of this ministry! We appreciate each and everyone of you!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Update on Joseph

Yesterday, DanDouglass the DR took Joseph back into Kampala for his check-up. He found out that Joseph's leg was so far gone with infection, that he is going to need yet another surgery to finish cleaning the infection out.

They return in 2 weeks for the second surgery. Please pray about donating to Josephs fund, as our funds for him are dangerously low. His medications for this infection are quite expensive and intensive. Please keep praying for the survival of his leg, wisdom for the doctors, and most of all for God to be glorified with this process.

Please pray for Joseph to be strong! After this next surgery, if he puts ANY weight on this leg, it will break, and then he will surely lose his leg. Right now he is only using the crutches when he knows I am watching! Teenagers!!!! So please pray he understands the seriousness of this next surgery!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Catching Up, Prayers Needed!

This past week has been eventful, to say the least.

I (Angie) got very ill with the stomach flu so I was in bed for 2 days, then, a needle was accidentally shoved through the side of my hand right under the little finger, it went in a good inch! 2 days after that, my finger swelled up like a balloon, and developed infection. Oh the joys!

I started antibiotics Friday, cried Saturday, and then cried some more on Sunday because i decided to waste gas money to go into the clinic in Kampala. I did not see my DR Sunday, but the DR on call, soo now I have an email from my DR stating that he wants me to return to Kampala, so that he can examine it. I am asking all of you, to please say a prayer for my finger, as right now there is a petrol, or gas, shortage and it is very very expensive, so I am refusing to go to Kampala again!

On a very exciting note, my husband comes home Wednesday morning! Praise the Lord, it has been a very very long 5 months without him. We all are very happy and counting down to his return.

Please keep praying for all the children here at HCU, and for funding so that Randy can be home more often.

I want everyone to understand, that even 10 dollars a month would make a huge difference! 300 people donating $10 and we have made our budget!

The children here have all been healthy and very happy! We are so blessed that God has brought us here.

Please keep praying everyone!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Building is Finished For Now/Piglets

The building is finished for now. We still need to replace $600 into our general fund for getting the building this far.

As some of you know we partnered with The mighty River Project, and have provided piglets to needy families, here are a few pictures of the piglets.

Please pray these piglets bless these families.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Reminders of Having Faith

Yesterday afternoon, the builder stopped by the house. He asked for 20 bags of cement and a load of sand to use up the supplies at the site. My answer was very quick. I informed him we were out of money for the building and that we could not manage to purchase those items. His answer was, are you sure mom because if we do not use these items they could get stolen or damaged. I told him I could not answer him without consulting the board members. He said, mom, I have been with you for over a year, and I have seen the things you have accomplished on faith, why are you not trusting God now to help with something that should be completed? I had no answer,....I just looked at him and said.....I still have to call America. But.....his words spoke volumes to me.

Where did my faith go? I knew that we should finish the supplies at the site, I knew that this was important, but yet..... Honestly, I know why I was hesitant to trust and have faith. HCU has been saving and saving Randy's paycheck, trying to get him home to his family for a visit. He will arrive July 18th. This means, we need around $5,000 US for him to stay for almost 2 months. He will then return to the states and continue to support HCU til Christmas. I knew that if we handed over the money it would take to use supplies it would cut into the money I have saved. HCU has 3,000 for his visit and still has to find 2,000 more. I spoke with the board and they said, we have to use those supplies, go ahead and authorize that money and we will pray that it is replaced somehow.

The builder promised to take only 2 people to the site and complete this work. When I arrived in the village today, I saw ALL the employees he has there. I said Pafra, we cannot afford this! He said mom, when I arrived at my shop they ALL were waiting and how could I turn away some and keep others, they need the work, and it was beyond me to choose who was most worthy. I told Pafra, we cannot pay them it is not in the budget. I already gave you money that was not designated for building. He said mom, we are going to pray, you will see, it will all work out!

Sometimes, with all the things wrong I see in this country, I see good things as well, and sometimes the childlike faith I see from adults ALL the time, reminds me that in the Western world we do NOT trust and have faith like we should.

As I left the village this afternoon, we gave 2 employees a ride to Mityana, and one said to me...Thank you for giving us work......

I know I have asked alot lately, but this project is more than just a self sustainability project, it is a job creator, it is hope for the villagers, it is a clinic that is so desperately needed, Please consider donating to this wonderful project!

If you do not want to donate to the project., then please help us make up the money needed for Randy to stay for 7 weeks with his family.

Blessings to All!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Visitors and New Volunteer!

We were very very blessed to have some visitors this week from Alkare!!! If you have not heard of them please visit I want to tell you all, these were some wonderful visitors!!! They had wonderful gifts with them that we are praying will help HCU.

HCU enjoyed having them visit, we wished they would have been able to stay longer!

Our long term volunteer, Tawni, also arrived this week. PTL. We are enjoying her very much as well!

The cement was poured this week, and has to cure for 3 days!!!!

Walls are next, so I am going to beg and plead for the walls! Please everyone, buy a bag of cement, or a load of sand or some bricks, or lastly, some of the rebar that is needed.

We need $3,100 to get the walls up.

40  12mm bars at 1,160,000 @ $470
100 bags of cement @ $1250
Bricks @ $810
Lake Sand @ $570

Please everyone, help HCU create this self sustaining project, AND to help the villagers!!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012


I have to say, watching the progress of the building is quite exciting!

The building is going great!

Now, we have enough supplies and materials to pour the cement slab, after that building will halt!!!

I had calculated 27 million to finish, but, I forgot to include bringing down power, so it will be 37 million with power. Please pray about donating to this fund.

My husband will be returning for a month in 2 and a half weeks! As most of you know, he supplements this ministry. Please also praying about donating while he is home with us. We will need $4,000 to cover his time here. We almost decided for him to stay and work, but the kids and myself are missing him something awful, so we thought it was best that he comes and visits for a month and a half and then he will return to work.

Please keep praying for Joseph, his leg is not healing as it should. Pray for our finances, our shops, and that we always act in God's wisdom.

On a lighter note, this is what happens to curious village boys when the girls leave out their nail polish! Douglass painted his own nails!!! Silly Boy!!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Joseph and Building!

The top picture is of DR Douglass, the bottom is Joseph mentally preparing himself for the injection he is about to receive!!! Pray for no infection and quick healing, and above all that God is glorified!

The building is progressing well!!! Tomorrow they will finish foundation and start building walls.
People, please sponsor a bag maybe 2 of cement at 12.50 a bag, or maybe some bricks! Lets keep building for the village!!!