Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Update on Joseph!

I just got word this morning that Joseph has a school sponsor and will be returning to school this very next term!
 Praise the Lord!!!! Thank so so very much for helping us and Joseph Renee!

I will be going out to the village today to let him know that he has a future!

Joseph in February of 2012

Joseph one year later!!! So amazing the transformation!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Catching Up

I feel like I say this a lot to everyone, but I am so sorry that I do not blog more, truthfully the days just get away from me, and sometimes i feel the happenings here are the same day after day. I forget that this is your only link to see what God is truly achieving here in Mityana.

Our new volunteer Michelle is WONDERFUL!!!! Words cannot express what an incredible blessing she is to me and HCU. Thank you Lord and thank you Michelle.

Right now we have 2 different families here, they are going through paperwork to make 3 of HCU children their own. We are very excited to see the children go to forever loving homes! We have many appts we are helping them get to and from and attending with them.

We have also been making negotiations with a new landlord, we may have the opportunity to rent something larger, praying for the option to purchase eventually,  this means we would have much more room and be able to get better organized. It also means higher rent, but with space to open a clinic and have an income in that area. It would also mean a new ministry area that we could explore and do Gods work. We are very excited about this possibility. Please pray for us in this manner,

That we walk within Gods will for HCU ,
That God puts the right people in our path,
That the finances for the extra rent and capital for starting the clinic would come through
Please pray for the continued health of our children here at the center
For finances to become fully funded so that Randy may come home.
Mostly, that each and every action we do, glorifies our Father in Heaven.

If everything comes together I will post pictures! I promise!
Please also pray about donating and helping us raise the first years rent. this amount would be 6,500 for a year or around $541 a month.

Our Samsung shop is doing better each and every month, we are excited about how it is developing!! Thank you for your prayers.