Saturday, May 30, 2015

Child Sponsorship

We have finally updated our child sponsorship page!
Please visit and see which one of these beautiful children you can sponsor and be a part of their lives.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


HCU has been working hard towards self sufficient projects in the village. 
Our latest is a chicken house, our friends in the Netherlands, Alkare, have been helping us achieve our goals. 
We are now asking for all of your help! We need the chickens now! We have the building,(thank you alkare) and almost all the supplies, but we need chickens now! Chickens will cost around $1100-1150 depending on the exchange rate. 
We are mixing our own feeds to save on cost of chicken food. We bought corn when it was very very low price, but now we have to mill it. The milling machine will also provide an income, but will mostly be used to grind the corn for the chickens. this machine is $1700 US 
We are humbly asking your help in raising the $2,800-2,850 US Please put chickens in the paypal memo or drop us an email at

Saturday, January 31, 2015

January's Events!

This month has been a month of miracles and God inspired meetings.

Earlier this month we visited a small village that we visit often, as the villagers have many problems, The LC (Local Chairman. each village has one, his job is to know the villagers and their problems) approached us and asked us if we would please look at this woman's baby. We said of course we would be glad to help. Upon the LC taking us to the house, we found that the woman he was wanting us to visit, is a woman we had been attempting to help in the past. She was fond of alcohol and was neglecting one of her older grandchildren. We were very surprised to find that she had a 7 month old as we had never seen him before. The baby was very malnourished and the day before she had fallen on him while carrying him. The baby came back to HCU with us and straight to the hospital where he spent a week.

One of the days I went to visit Carlos in the hospital, I was worried about many things, although scripture kept swirling in my head that God had everything covered, all my worries were just the flesh, as I was sitting in the hospital, praying over Carlos, my mind would also include other worries, one of our care takers, MaMa Julius, said mom, see this Grandmother, I said yes, whats the problem, she proceeded to tell me this horrific story about what had happened to the grandchild. My worries melted away and God reminded me again that He is in control. This Grandmother had traveled far to bring her grandchild to the hospital so I invited her to HCU for lunch. She was so very grateful and it was nice to share the Love of Jesus with this Grandmother and Grandchild.

Carlos is slowly improving, please keep him in your prayers, we are also working with the mother, and helping her conquer her problems with alcohol. She is in need of prayers as well. She is very receptive to healing! Praise God.
This is Carlo's mother with Dr. Dan.

Dr. Dan came for a visit and we visited an elderly man that was burned with boiling water by a mentally insane woman.

Dan returned to his job in Rakai so we are checking on him and attending him. Please pray for his healing.

This last week we received a phone call from the police about a baby whose mother was trying to seel him to the witchdoctor for child sacrifice. He is a beautiful healthy baby boy, whose name is Job.
Please pray for this mother and that we find a suitable, safe relative for Job.

This week we implemented a Saturday Program for the neighborhood children. We had dance, Bible Stories and fellowship with the children. It was wonderful, and we thank God is was so blessed for the first Saturday.

Now we have some amazing honoring news!!!   The District Police gave HCU an award for being the top NGO in Mityana District that works with Police!!!! What an amazing honor, this is all thanks to our God, our prayer warriors, our donors and all of HCU employees!!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Namusoke Betty

Please meet Betty. She was living in a nearby village,  she is HIV + and was staying by herself. She had lost her baby to HIV 6 months earlier.  A few of the villagers made sure that she received one meal a day.  She was not receiving proper care and medicines. We moved her to HCU in July. Betty would really appreciate a sponsor!  Right now Betty has been going to counseling and some therapy as she is wanting to give up and go be with Jesus. Please pray for her and encourage her from wherever you are. 

Thank you all!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

HCU School!

HCU has an awesome little school. We provide quality education free of fees to children that would not be attending school otherwise. The children are also provided a healthy lunch. Here are some of the children eating their lunch.

The school is currently funded by an extremely generous donor, and my husband Randy. The school is lacking funds. We are not wanting to close the school as so many of these children would not have any sort of education if we did, we are humbly coming to you and asking if you all would pledge to sponsor the school.

Our budget is minimal.
Rent                        $220
Teacher Salaries     $200
Lunch                     $200
Supplies                  $50

Total Amount $670

If we can get the school completely funded this provides schooling free of charge to 60 children that would not ever attend school! Currently we have 30 children enrolled as we do not have the funding for more, would you please consider sponsoring our school?

Thank you everyone for your prayers!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Meet Lovi!!!!!!

Lovi came to stay at HCU this week. She is an absolute wonderful addition to HCU.

She was being taken care of by her Uncle who has been sent to prison. Lovi is going to need a sponsor for school and more surgeries on her hand and foot to fix the scar tissue that is deforming her appendages. She was burned last year in a house fire. She has already endured and survived, please help us fund her surgeries!

I am attaching 2 links, 1 for Lovis school and 1 for her upcoming surgeries. Thank you all for praying and helping this child!

Lovi's right hand is going to need surgery as the skin is pulling and deforming the fingers.

As you can see here, the fingers are perfectly functional, the skin just isnt allowing movement

Same with her Right foot, the skin is pulling the toes upwards and not allowing full functiion, her foot is very painful because with each step, she is tearing skin and causing open sores.
Even her elbow has a section where the skin pulls open and doesnt allow for perfect movement.

This is a picture of the open sores on top of her foot. Each step pulls the skin and allows it rip.

Please take the time today to say a prayer for Lovi and consider helping us improve her quality of life!

Sponsor Lovi!

Please Choose Monthly or Yearly

This Next button is for Lovi's Surgeries

Blessings to All!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Betty's Father

HCU feels it is important to maintain family relationships, even with children whose parents cannot take care of them.

This weekend we took Betty to the village to see her biological father. He is 80 years old. We found his house in a very desperate state. The roof is completely rusted and full of holes, the builder says that the house cannot support a new roof and wont last through another rainy season. The back wall of the house is going to fall soon, it was wobbly when Pafra touched it. There are huge gaping holes in the mud, and the wood supporting the mud is rotten.

This man is still raising Betty's 10 yr old brother. We would like to bless him with a new house. He is too old to live in a house with those conditions.

Here are some pictures.

We have 2 choices, one to replace the mud house with a new mud house, or to make him a brick house.
The mud house will cost $1200 
The brick house $3,600 

Please pray about helping this man. his name is Sylvester.
If you choose to help please put betty in memo of paypal