Tuesday, March 10, 2015


HCU has been working hard towards self sufficient projects in the village. 
Our latest is a chicken house, our friends in the Netherlands, Alkare, have been helping us achieve our goals. 
We are now asking for all of your help! We need the chickens now! We have the building,(thank you alkare) and almost all the supplies, but we need chickens now! Chickens will cost around $1100-1150 depending on the exchange rate. 
We are mixing our own feeds to save on cost of chicken food. We bought corn when it was very very low price, but now we have to mill it. The milling machine will also provide an income, but will mostly be used to grind the corn for the chickens. this machine is $1700 US 
We are humbly asking your help in raising the $2,800-2,850 US Please put chickens in the paypal memo or drop us an email at