Saturday, December 28, 2013


Thanks to many wonderful donors, HCU had an absolutely wonderful Christmas!!!!!
Thanks to Alkare Europe, Judy, Little Bee Company, and many others!!!!
The children so appreciate the love and caring you are showing them.

For Christmas, the children received a projector, so we can have movie nights, that they can enjoy for many many years to come now!

The children also were able to get many many sweeties in the form of a pinata, they had such a fabulous time!!!!!

We also were able to have some storage finally made so that each child has their own space for storing their clothes and items that are theirs. This is an awesome design that was sent to us by one of our FB friends, and love it!!!! The units are fantastic and have so many good attributes to them!

They were all very happy to have a place for their things.

We also set aside some of the Christmas money so that next time the market comes to town we can take the children and let them help pick out some clothes for themselves. If we have any Christmas money left after market, then we are thinking of taking them on an outing to the zoo or something of that type.

Thank you to everyone that played a part in Christmas!!!
Blessings to all

Friday, December 6, 2013

Update on all Happenings HCU

Monday Sarah was admitted into the hospital, she was swelling in her extremities. I spent 2 days searching for a different hospital for her to be transferred to and found a great one just 2 days ago and am now comfortable that she is receiving great care!!! Praise God! if you want to donate to her care please put Sarah in memo line, her bills are going to be extensive.

We are doing a Christmas fund raiser for the children. We are building them cubbies so that they have a place to put their personal items! What a blessing these are going to be! We also want to get a projector so we can have movie night in the compound! The children will be so excited!

It was with bittersweetness that Shadia was transferred to an HIV orphanage, we are going to miss her but know that the care she is going to get there is much better for her than here in MItyana. Thank you so very much to Our Own Home, Jinja We will be going to visit her soon!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Update on George and Sarah

Thank you all for praying for George, unfortunately the Lord decided to take him home yesterday.

With the help of a couple donors we are only $25.00 away from paying all of his bills. Thank you all!

Please pray for us as we prepare to go to the village and bury this sweet and precious child.

Sarah is sick as well, she is at the doctors in Kampala today. Please pray that she responds to treatment! They both caught a bad virus.

We are going to need help with her bills as well,

God could not keep moving without all of your help Thank you again!


Friday, November 22, 2013

Pray for Goergie!

Goergie is very sick, after going to 3 hospitals we finally found one that would admit him in Kampala. He is having troubles breathing and is not doing well, please join us in prayer for him!

Also, we are going to need help with his medical bills, so please pray!

Friday, November 8, 2013


First of all, we would like to tell you
Thank you Lord!

Secondly, on Fridays we go into villages in Mityana District and deworm in school and in the village. We also remove a nasty little bug from feet called a jiggar.

Here are some pictures of today!!!

Deworming and Jiggar removal is essential here in Uganda, the jiggar can move into other parts of the body and cause severe harm, infection, etc If you would like to donate to this aspect of our ministry, please put deworming in the memo line.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Go God, GO!!!

As of today, we are $550 away from our goal for the next 6 months of rent!!! Praise the Lord!!! Thank you all so much!

Friday, November 1, 2013


As of this morning, we are only $750 away from our goal for rent!!! Praise the Lord! Thank you so very much!

Meet Jonah!!!

Jonah was admitted to HCU for rehabilitation while his mom tries to get healthy! His mother is very ill, please remember to say a prayer for her!

Just a reminder, Rent is due in 3 days, we are trusting God for a miracle as we are still $1,700 short for the next 6 months.

Fridays we is the day we use to go into the village schools and the villages themselves and deworm children. This is so necessary where clean water is not easily attainable. If you would like to donate to this ministry please make note in the memo line!

Thank you everyone for praying for this ministry!

Friday, October 11, 2013


HCU is sending out sponsorship updates every few months, as the Ugandan term ends, Uganda has 3 terms therefore after each term, we scan their report card, take a new picture, and write you about their progress. IF you are not receiving these emails, then its one of 2 things, your email that we use is the email you use for paypal, or, its going to bulk mail or spam mail. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email us at,

If for some reason we have posted that your sponsored child needs a new sponsor, it is because we have received a notice from paypal that your payment was not processed. Please keep in mind, we rely on these sponsorships to keep these children in school as there is no way we could afford to keep each child in school/therapy without your help. When we receive these emails we immediately ask for a new sponsor so that the child can continue in school, receive wonderful medical care or specialized care as in the case of physical therapy or counseling.

We do NOT send any of our children to Government school, they all attend schools that specialized in the needs of each child.

Each and every penny we receive for these children goes to the child. we do not take out any overhead, for rent, office expenses, or running costs. (Paypal does take a small percentage, and our bank does charge us $1.50 each time we withdraw in ATM fees)

Please feel free to visit your child if you are ever in Uganda.

We still have children available at

I am sorry if someone has not understood something. but once again we ask you all to please feel free to email us at any time. We are humans and can overlook something, and do not mind accountability in any form as long as it is pleasing to the Lord.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013



HCU is run completely upon Faith...

Jesus tell us. ....if you have faith as a mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, Move from here up to there, and it shall move, and nothing shall be impossible to you. Matthew 17:20.

I am not a good blogger, I do not share my emotions easily. I am not able to tell you how hard life can be here. I do not share the rewards of serving God well.

God planted a seed years ago for this ministry. This journey started when we made the decision to adopt from Uganda 8 years ago. Since that seed, God has brought us far. We have been able to move into country, receive all necessary licenses in record time. (Less than 6 months) This is and was all God!!! I know of people that have worked on theirs for years.

This all being said, I feel as though my faith is wavering. We have been in country for 2 1/2 years.

My children and I are still living life with just visits from our husband and father. We trusted God that He would allow Randy to move into country full time after 2 years. This has not happened. We trusted God that HCU could become fully funded within this time period. This has not happened. We trusted God to bring us more long term volunteers. Pastors, teacher, Office, and this has not happened.

We have also found that people that pledged to support us, have not, most of them not even once. Friends, Family, Church etc. I have learned that 90% of people that say you are their friend, are not. I have found that people only sacrifice when they can afford to, i have found that we all need Jesus, all of us, in a HUGE way. I realized within the last 2 weeks that I was harboring these things and allowing them to create bitterness.

Get rid of all bitterness, rage, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of evil behavior. Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you. Ephesians, 4:31-32

Look after each other so that none of you fails to receive the grace of God. Watch out that no poisonous root of bitterness grows up to trouble you, corrupting many. Hebrews 12:15

I was allowing the root of bitterness, I have been praying to let these things go and forgive. I am human, my feelings hurt, and i stumble and fall, ALOT! But I know God is faithful, and this is the promise I am holding on to!!!!

We are still trusting Him, and know that we are doing what He wants us to, but life is hard, so very hard without your husband and father there with you, I find myself not laughing, because when i laugh, I feel guilty that my husband is not here to share it with me, I find myself questioning God, and He was oh so very clear on what He wanted Randy and I to do, but I am so tired. At times I feel like a child having a temper tantrum. Telling God that I am finished with what He has asked, I find myself questioning Him. But in my heart I KNOW that He has a plan and as long as we are obedient our rewards are in Heaven not on this Earth.

God has helped through HCU at least 50 children, through reunification, adoption, or fostering. God has helped numerous adults with health care needs, HIV Counseling, and parental education.

These are the accomplishments of God. All the Glory goes to Him! I have seen absolute miracles here in Uganda.

This all being said, we need help!!! We need the Body of Christ, rent is due November 4th, we have only have the money partially and are still needing 2,000 for 6 months of rent. After the last financial update, we have not received any funds towards this expense.

Randy is returning home Nov 14th for 2 months, this will be the longest time period he has gotten to stay with his family for 2 and a half years, please, help us make this possible, I am dreading the possibility of having to tell our children that we have to cut his time short.

We are still needing 4,000 for this cost, and we have work permits to renew as well at $1,000. We also have 2 passports that are needing to be renewed while Randy is here.

Please pray about helping HCU cover these expenses.

Randy and I have been blessed, extremely blessed, I will never deny that! He has given us strength we never knew we had, He has added 6 new children to our family that has blessed us entirely! We have seen amazing things in our children. God is so very good.

We also understand life is expensive, and know that money never seems to be enough, so we are asking for prayer warriors! Those people that will come along side of us and walk together and PRAY for HCU, our family, and most of all God's will be done!

Thank you everyone, supporters and prayer warriors, we could not work in Jesus name without each and every one of you!

Blessings to All!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sarah and Goergie

A month ago, we were able to help a woman who came to the center looking for assistance with getting to Kampala for treatment. The hospital in Kampala refused to treat her for 2 reason, first she was pregnant and secondly she didn't take someone with her to help tend her in the hospital. (Hospitals here are not like western hospitals, you have to take someone with you to tend you and do your errands) Please pray for this mother!!!

Sunday we were informed that she had given birth at the main hospital here in Mityana. She wasn't due for quite sometime yet, so we knew the babies were going to need some help.

Our Social Worker went to visit her, and the mother was so sick that she begged Susan to help her til she could get better, so after gaining permission from the Probation Officer, we brought them to the center for rehab while the mother tries to get well. 

The children s umbilical cords were not cut properly, so we had to clean them up and make things right. What we found out at a later date, is that the main hospital thought they would die so they didn't make much effort with these babies!

Please, Please pray for these babies to grow strong and healthy and be a living testament to God and HIs Glory! 

Goerge is 13 inches head to heel and Sarah is 13 1/4 head to heel! The clothes they have on are preemie clothes and they are still too big!
They are very tiny but man are they fighters!!!

They are holding hands!!!
Such incredible blessings from the Father above!!!
If you are inclined to help with their care please visit

Blessings to All!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I pray this post find you all well!

This is just a financial update for everyone.

We were able to buy Randys plane ticket with his last paycheck. He will be coming home November 13th for 2 months.

We are still needing money for rent. We were needing $2,900 we have $1,200 of this money.

We are still needing work permit renewal money. $1,000

Randy will be home for 2 months, we will minimally need $6,500 

Grand Total is $9,200 

We are trusting in God to provide for these funds! We are praying for you all and would appreciate you to partner with us in prayer!

If you would like to help in any of these areas, please put in the memo area which fund you would like to help.

Blessings to All!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Music Lessons!!!

This past 2 weeks we have been entirely blessed by a music teacher that has volunteered his time, he was here every day for 9 hours! Amazing!

He was teaching the children traditional dancing, and instruments that were donated. The kids did wonderful. Here are some pictures of the event, we will post a video in the near future once we get it all edited!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beautiful MiMi

MiMi has been with us here at the center now for 2 years. She is such a testimony to Jesus! She was abused and neglected by her parents and was brought here to the center.

She has a loving heart, caring, and is very special to all of us here. She reminds me daily of what a person can endure as long as God is there for them!

Recently, MiMi lost her sponsor, her sponsor fees, pay for her schooling and the medical that she needs. Would you please consider sponsoring MiMi?

Sponsor MiMi

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You Never Know....

What you are going to find in Uganda on a daily basis.
The other day it happened to be this ugly beetle....

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Financial Update

Dear Friends,

The end of the year is coming fast, and with the end of the year is coming many expenses that we do not have the funds to pay.

November 1st, $2,900 for 6 months of Rent
November Renewing Workpermits and Childrens visas $1,400
End October Randys Plane ticket $1,500-$2,000
Monthly operating expenses for 3 months $9,000

Now as you know Randy is spending most his time in America funding this ministry. His paychecks are covering day to day operation and expenses. We are praying that he will be able to come home from end October to the end of January. We feel he really needs to be home for 3 months so that he can spend some time with his family after only spending 5 months in 2 years with them.

We are asking you to please prayerfully consider donating to one of these expenses as they are so necessary to keep HCU in operation.

When we sit down and work on money, budget etc. I find myself wanting to panic but immediately I hear the whisper that says, God is SO much bigger than money!  In my heart I know this, I have lived it for many years, but as a fleshy human, I want solutions, plans, and most especially, my husband home for 3 months! We have pledged ourselves to this life for God, and we will keep living for God. This does not mean it is ever going to be easy.

So we are humbly coming to you, our friends, our supporters, our prayer warriors, and asking you to please pray for HCU, and consider donating to this ministry.

Blessings to all!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Absolutely Blessed by Little Bee Company!

We have had the most wonderful blessing bestowed upon the center, and it was in the form of the Little Bee Company coming and donating some of the most wonderful diapers I have ever seen!!!

I am begging anyone that has babies to use these diapers, not only are these the best quality I have ever seen, every time someone orders one she donates one of the same type, color, etc. to children around the world!!! How amazing is that?!

Please visit and check out all the diapers and order some! I know how blessed we were by this donation and cannot wait to hear about others they have blessed as well.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blessings from the Netherlands!

Once again we have been very blessed by our friend Tetta in the Netherlands!

She has donated some wonderful musical instruments for the children to learn to play and enjoy.

Thank you so very much Tetta for all you do for the children!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Update on Joseph!

I just got word this morning that Joseph has a school sponsor and will be returning to school this very next term!
 Praise the Lord!!!! Thank so so very much for helping us and Joseph Renee!

I will be going out to the village today to let him know that he has a future!

Joseph in February of 2012

Joseph one year later!!! So amazing the transformation!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Catching Up

I feel like I say this a lot to everyone, but I am so sorry that I do not blog more, truthfully the days just get away from me, and sometimes i feel the happenings here are the same day after day. I forget that this is your only link to see what God is truly achieving here in Mityana.

Our new volunteer Michelle is WONDERFUL!!!! Words cannot express what an incredible blessing she is to me and HCU. Thank you Lord and thank you Michelle.

Right now we have 2 different families here, they are going through paperwork to make 3 of HCU children their own. We are very excited to see the children go to forever loving homes! We have many appts we are helping them get to and from and attending with them.

We have also been making negotiations with a new landlord, we may have the opportunity to rent something larger, praying for the option to purchase eventually,  this means we would have much more room and be able to get better organized. It also means higher rent, but with space to open a clinic and have an income in that area. It would also mean a new ministry area that we could explore and do Gods work. We are very excited about this possibility. Please pray for us in this manner,

That we walk within Gods will for HCU ,
That God puts the right people in our path,
That the finances for the extra rent and capital for starting the clinic would come through
Please pray for the continued health of our children here at the center
For finances to become fully funded so that Randy may come home.
Mostly, that each and every action we do, glorifies our Father in Heaven.

If everything comes together I will post pictures! I promise!
Please also pray about donating and helping us raise the first years rent. this amount would be 6,500 for a year or around $541 a month.

Our Samsung shop is doing better each and every month, we are excited about how it is developing!! Thank you for your prayers.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Busy, Busy

There is much going on here at the center this last month!!!

My husband Randy came home for a visit, and we received our new volunteer that is here for 6 months.

She is a wonderful and we are very excited about working with her! Please pray for her adjustment to Uganda.

The children all have been home from school this past month as well. They started second term on monday. The yard is much quieter now! Please pray for the children this term.

We sent all all child sponsorship updates on Monday, if you did not receive yours please let us know via email hopecenteruganda@gmail

The first of June marks the helpers payday, we are desperately low on funds due to Randys visit home. We had some unexpected medical bills, my childrens passports needed to be renewed, we had some things break etc...

Please consider donating funds to see us through til Randy starts bringing in some more money. Please pray for me as well, to have the faith to know that God will get us through! There are days i feel I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and I have to remind myself that that job is God's alone, and to have the faith that is required for miracles!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Dear Friends and Family

One of our employees that has been with us for over a year. Had to have emergency surgery today on an ovary that had a cyst. The cyst burst and became infected.

I am asking you all to prayerfully think about donating to her as she does not have money for her surgery. We have fronted the money for her because they would not perofrm it til she paid up front. $200 is all she is going to need for the surgery. This includes her mom medicines!

Thank you all!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beautiful Video made by Alkare, Europe.

This is a beautiful video made by our friends in the Netherlands, Alkare! Thank you Alkare for all you do for the children!
May God Bless You All!!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Julius's PT equipment is here!

We received Julius equipment, and he LOVES being able to walk!

He is not to fond of the standing machine though, but he thinks the ball is fun!

We have also hired a Physical Therapist to come and work with the children that have some delays.

He is only getting to come every other week because he is charging alot of money.

Here are some pictures of Julius working with his equipment!

Thank you again to the special family that has been such a blessing to these children. May God reward you richly!