Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We have wonderful news!

Last week I picked up the NGO certificate. So this week I called the probation officer and informed him we finally had our NGO cert. and if I could have a meeting with him to give him his copy and start the next step in the process of getting everything properly registered, licenses etc.

I was able to finally get a hold of him on Tuesday morning and he said I am in office right now can you come now? I said YES! I picked up Henry and rushed to his office and he said now, the next step is registering with the district and then we will see about starting the baby home license.

We were able to register in a day! And pick up certificate the very next day! Speedy, unheard of in Africa! I was so amazed and feel so incredibly blessed beyond words!!!

We have now properly registered with the Government agencies and can now start the license process!!! Praise God! The doors God is opening for this ministry is incredible! I am totally and completely in awe of Him. I also feel very privileged to have Him as my boss!

Here are some pictures of Ester I took today at a missionary's friend house.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Vehicle

Calling all prayer warriors!

We need prayer, we spent the last 2 days shopping for a vehicle that would meet our needs within the organization. We finally found the perfect vehicle, it is a diesel, its a 4x4, has incredibly low miles, straight from Japan. It will get us into the villages without a problem, and the mechanic labeled it mechanically sound.

That all being said, it is 24,000,000sh and with our current car as a trade in and the last reserve of our personal money, we are still almost $4000 short in money. We refuse to take out a loan, we feel if God wants something to happen He will make it a reality. So we are asking all of you to please pray that God provides us with a vehicle that will allow village work.

Thank you all!

Monday, August 15, 2011


I realize last week I told you all we were not going to take any more children til our paperwork and license comes through. Well once again God had other plans, last Monday evening the police brought us TWINS!!!! Yes, twins, they are so very precious! They were dirty, hungry, and their hair had mats. We cleaned them up and I rushed them to the clinic, Deborah, the larger twin, and the oldest, had a severe skin infection that is already clearing up on medicine. Ruth, or Ruthie as I like to call her, is very small, and they said she had been very sick. She is already gaining weight, and is an extremely happy baby! She smiles at everyone and absolutely LOVES life! This has been another lesson learned, in although we try to decide our plans, sometimes God tosses you a curve! Huge praise, they are HIV negative!!! Praise the Lord!!!

I love that our ministry is spirit led and that we act upon whatever the Lord asks us to do! That being said, our formula bill has just tripled. Each can of formula costs 23,000sh or $9.00. Please pray about donating a can of formula! We are going through 1can every day and a half, as that price is for cans that are small.

I am going back to Kampala this week to get the children's dependant passes and check work permits yet again. I also have decided that we will go ahead and buy the worm pills and pray that funding is there. The children in the villages desperately need this treatment. We are also going to look at vehicles, we are really needing something higher off the ground.

We are all loving the task that the Lord put forth for us! I cannot imagine doing anything else ever again! Thank you Lord for this opportunity to serve you!

Please be in prayer for our children!


Pictures of the children

Monday, August 8, 2011

As I sit

Today is Monday August, 8th, and I have a young woman that volunteered her time to come and start school with my children, her name is Lillian, she is a double orphan, she studies hard, she is in the top of her class, and those of you that understand Ugandan education, they studied HARD! She lives in Mityana Orphanage and School, and she is just beautiful and amazing! She is finished with her own school in December and is not able to move on to college until August, that is, if she is able to raise enough money between now and then.

All that being said, it is quiet here in the house, the babies are sleeping, I dont have anywhere to run to today, so far noone has come to the gate today (crossing fingers). But this leaves much time for me to miss my husband, think about injustices, and be lazy.

Oh how I miss Randy, time is just not going fast enough! I knew it would be hard, just did not think it would be this difficult! Please pray for my husband he goes in for his surgery Thursday morning, it is outpatient, and Chris and Bill will be taking care of him. Ohhhh it makes me cry that I will not be there to take care of my husband on his first ever surgery. I know he is in good hands, but I would have liked them to be my hands. I thank God every day for such an amazing husband and father! Not many men that I know would sacrifice the way he has to be obediant to God! My prayers were answered when he came into my life.

Please continue to cover HCU with prayers, we will not be taking in any more children until we are fully lincensed within the GOvernment here, this is for our legal safety. We WILL continue outreach to those that are truly in need. I want you all to be aware that this is God's ministry not ours, we are just acting as His hands and feet and being obediant. The direction of HCU is completely and totally up to God, we are a spirit led ministry not person led. Please please, if you want to be a part of this ministry by, praying, donating, being a board member, please email me and I would love to forward your information to the board.

The prayer list is as follows at the current moment.

Favor with the government
Funds for the boy in the village who needs medical attention for his eyes.
Angie and Randy as the live apart, and Randys upcoming surgery
Covering HCU with God's shield of protection
That the people of Mityana come to know us and accept us.
We need to start a vehicle fund so we can do more village work, sometimes the trips into the village are not on roads the current car can handle so we do not get out there.
The de-worming ministry for the village children God has laid on my heart.

Blessings to all!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Young Woman

For the past 2 weeks we have been having a young woman with 2 children coming to HCU wanting to leave her children, we have been trying to explain to her that we cannot take her children. She loves her children, it is obvious. Tony and Henry spent a lot of time talking to her and trying to help her understand the rules of the law and what we are here for. She breaks down crying, she tells Henry and Tony that the only way these children are going to survive is if she leaves them with us. She explains that the landlord chased her away from her house, (which by the way is a falling down mud hut), that she has no food at all, no job, and no hope. She makes the statement that if only her mother had not died she would not be in this position.

Have you ever had a series of bad things happen that make it seem there is no hope? Well, I have. I remember that horrible feeling that is indescribable with words.

She came again 2 days ago. Begging, pleading with us to just take one of the children, as she had been offered a job as a housegirl, she could live in servants quarters, BUT they would only allow her 1 child with her not both. We once again patiently tried to explain, and her tears started again. I asked Tony, could we take her to see the probation officer and let him decide? He says, well maybe she would listen to him.  As she sat there, I notice a large amount of drainage coming out her 1 yr old's ear, I mentioned to Tony that the baby was sick and needed medical attention soon. I told him to send them up to the clinic and that I would pay for his visit and medicine. The baby had a severe ear infection, that obviously had burst. (The visit plus medicine cost,  $7.20)

Yesterday we took them to the probation officer and when he told her that we cannot take her children, she once again felt so hopeless and started crying. My heart was breaking.

What were our options? We had been praying about what to do with her for 2 weeks, and had not heard anything from God. Our options in helping her at this point was employ her, well she doesn't speak English, we are not in need of any workers, so that option was crossed off. The other option was once a week bring her food, but does this really help in the long run empower her to help herself?  We just didn't know what to do to help!

We got home from the probation officers office, and I came inside and sat down, wondering what to do and praying for God to show the way. Tony came in and sat, and I walked to the door to see if she had left, and she was still sitting in the car crying. I walked over and asked Tony if he could talk her out of the car, and he said, sit, I have an idea, he said, that he asked her if she could still have this job and live off compound and she said yes, and he asked if I would be willing to pay her rent for 3 months, I said how much is it a month, 10,000sh = $4.00 so i handed him 30,000sh=$12.00 for 3 months of rent in a run down mud hut. Craziness! I also gave her some potatoes and bananas I had on hand here.

Can any if you ever imagine feeling so hopeless that you felt you had to give your children away forever just so that you would know they would live? Even now after all that I have seen and experienced, I cannot imagine the pain and agony that would come with such a decision.

So, I guess the moral of this story is, for a grand total of  around $20.00 we gave this woman HOPE! Please consider making a donation, we here at HCU want to be the hands and feet of Jesus, we want to spread His word, we want to give people HOPE through Jesus!

Ran out of money this week, was not able to take the little boy with cross eyes, to the DR in Kampala, but Randy was paid yesterday, and we should be able to manage it this week! I will keep you posted!


Monday, August 1, 2011

John and update on the boy in the village

This is John, he is 3 yrs old and he came to us because his uncle could no longer care for him properly, he has a severe skin infection (that after being here for 3 days is already hugely improved!) He is transitioning well so far. He only know Lugandan, but seems to understand what i want when I ask him something.

We went to the village and met the boys with the cross eyes mother. she was very happy that we wanted to help. We have decided to go ahead and take them to town sometime this week, although the money is not there, we are walking on faith yet again!!!

This journey God has put before our family has been so amazing! I have learned and are learning how to completely walk in faith. For every single trial God has a solution, although we may not like the outcome. There is a lesson in everything.

Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life, which the Lord has promised to those who love Him. James 1:12

Thank you all for praying for me when I posted on facebook about my trying day, I have to tell you all that I woke up with a renewed spirit and knew the prayer warriors had been busy!

My husband has surgery a week from Wednesday, please pray everything goes well with it and that he heals properly with no infection. and for me to have peace being so far away from him.

Thank you all for your prayers!