Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Power of Faith

I pray this post finds you all well.

This week has been a very emotionally filled week.

We faced emotions of being away from our 2 oldest children for the first time ever, if was very rough for me, and did not feel much like Christmas.

As most of you know, Randy funds most this ministry from funds he earns going back and forth to America, I had posted before on how funds were running short, and Randy is not due to leave for America for another 2 months. This week we withdrew the last of the money out of the HCU account, and it brought forth feelings that I was not expecting. People, we have seen absolutely miracles within this ministry! Certificates and licenses gotten in record time, other missionaries and Ugandans just stunned we have gotten this far so quickly. Van almost completely funded, and money for land donated etc.  God is moving! I was in prayer with God and found myself questioning his motives, asking Lord, are you testing our faith? Lord, how are we going to pay the things we need to this week? I found myself deeply in prayer asking God many things, and praising Him for what His has accomplished, because, without God none of this would have happened.

I was trying my best to be faithful and not question, but I am flesh and the flesh is weak. I found myself trying to take control back from God, and not be as completely faithful as I want to be. We were in Kampala yesterday picking up some necessary items for the baby home. I told Randy, I think we should draw money off our credit card as we were down to our last $55. Needless to say, he agreed and we withdrew some money off our credit card.

Matthew 8:26

New American Standard Bible (NASB)
26 He said to them, “Why are you afraid, you men of little faith?” Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea, and it became perfectly calm.

That evening, I knew I had to log into the bank account to see where we were standing with money, I was dreading it. My stomach hurt, I was crying, but I logged in, and oh did the Lord make me feel 2 inches tall!!!

There had been a deposit into our account!!!! Ohh Myyy!!!

We return to my life verse,

Matthew 17:20

New American Standard Bible (NASB)
20 And He said to them, “Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.

The money that was deposited is half of what we need til Randy starts bringing in a paycheck again!!! (not including final payment on the van)  Praise the Lord! I was and still am so humbled by his faithfulness.

Lesson learned, have faith!!!

Blessings to all,

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Pictures!!!

HOPE Center would like to thank Canyon West Worship Center for the donations that enabled us to buy the children some much needed toys! Thank you all and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Ester ate too much!!! The kids had a wonderful day!
Blessings to all!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to all!!! Thank you all for being a part of this ministry, we could not have achieved what we have and such a short time without your prayers and support.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Minister of Gender

We had our appointment with the Minister of Gender this am!!!!

They said all our paperwork was in order and now we wait for them to come inspect!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

Please join us in rejoicing in His blessings!!! I am still in shock that we walked out knowing that we were not going to do the Kampala shuffle and go 10 other places. I am also in shock that we had EVERYTHING that they were wanting!!!

Calling all prayer warriors, please pray for funding for HCU, we are running short on funds. The car lot called, and though we were told we had til January to pay the 5 million shillings for the van that is due, they are saying we need to give them 2,500,000sh ($1000) right away and the balance in January. We are booking a flight for Randy back to the states the last week of February. BUT we need funds til he starts receiving a paycheck. We estimate that we would need $5000.

Please share this post with your friends and neighbors, if you cannot afford to help (We completely understand in these trying times) they may be able to!

Also, we have 3-4 more toddler beds to have built and purchased. Now we have 2 options, hire someone to build them or have Randy build them, (he is a carpenter) but he would need the tools. The good side of Randy building them would be, anything else that needs built or fixed we wouldn't have to hire out for those services.

Thank you for allowing us to come to you all with our rejoicing and our prayer requests
Blessings to all

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Tab!

Check out our new tab! Courtesy of  our volunteer Ben!

Please prayerfully consider sponsoring one of our beautiful children!


Matthew 25:40

Then the King will say, 'I'm telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.'

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beyond Speechless!!!!

We had a phone call a few days ago, it was from this wonderful family from the UK. They were interested in hearing about our land fund. Towards the end of the conversation, they said, we are going to donate the  8000 Euros toward your land!

Oh my Goodness, seriously? How the Lord provides!!! We are so thankful here at HCU for His covering, and are praying blessings upon the people who are providing for these children that are literally unwanted and disposable items. Please join us in saying a prayer of blessings for everyone that has joined our journey in any way! Through prayer, support kindness etc.

We are LOVING these children and watch them blossom on a daily basis and its all because of the Body of Christ is moved to love just as Jesus does.

We are now going to meet every requirement that has been asked of us. Reliable vehicle, land available,

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I have been singing this song all week! It is so very true!

Please join us in thanking the Almighty for the provisions He is providing!!!

Blessings to all!

Day Lights!!!

Randy and our Volunteer Benjamin, went to a man's house that the church has helped with a new mud house, and installed a day light.

The man was absolutely thrilled although he was slightly disappointed it wouldn't work at night.

These lights were made from a 2 liter bottle and water!  The total expense for us was less than $10! HCU would like to install these lights in homes for Christmas. Please considering donating, $10 and put Day lights in memo area. We are so very excited about this project!!!

Blessings to all!
Keep Praying! God is hearing you all!!!
The Big Praise Post is coming up next!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shamin, MiMi, JOY!!!

We took Shamin, MiMi, JOY to the disabled clinic yesterday. They examined her and assessed her disabilitys. I fell MORE in love with this child!!!! She let them poke, prod, manipulate, stretch, and overall made her do things outside her comfort zone, and she was LOVING it! You could tell she was SO very excited to be doing something different than just sitting! Moving, and playing!!!!

Here are some pictures!

She LOVES that ball! They had a good prognosis with the proper excercises and follow up care.

We have not received 1 sponsor for MiMi Joy. Please pray about contributing towards her care, as she is going to need some special items.

We have some more wonderful and amazing news, but am saving that one fora day to come!

Blessings to all,

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Van Delivery!!! w/ Pictures!

The van was delivered!!!! Praise the Lord!

Thank you each and everyone for making this possible! May the Lord Bless you all!!!

Thank you for blessing each orphan and child!

Now the downside to the van. The van did not come with seats, the seats had to be made, (this is standard here in Uganda, as all vehicles are shipped from Japan without seats). They insisted on adding the front guard and back guard inside the van. This all cost 3,000,000UGX (1200 US)

We still owe car dealership 5,000,000 UGX (2000 US) payable on January 1st. We do not have this money please pray for us.We also found out that the van needs a private license, 300,000UGX All together we were 3,500 short in paying off the can completely. We are asking you again to consider donating any amount of money no amount is too small to help.

Praising the Lord today for Blessings that overflow!!!

We are so humbled and amazed at what we see the Lord doing each and every day here!

Shamin, even though she has been so thoroughly abused and neglected, is one of the most loving children I have ever met. She tries to comfort the babies when they cry and her face is lighting up so much when she smiles! I thought it would be a very long time before she would show these signs but she is adjusting better than anyone has hoped for! Pray for wisdom for us, we have a disabled clinic in Jinja that has said they would take her. But we are falling in love with her, and with the disabled clinic somewhat near, we are wondering if she should stay with us. We do not know if this is our hearts talking or wisdom, our goal is to get the children the best care possible, so please, pray we use wisdom and not our hearts in this decision!

By the way, we would love the Body of Christ's input as well, in any of our decisions, this is God's ministry, not just one persons, we do what we do for His Glory.

Blessings to all

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Health Inspection Report and Probation Report

We have good news!!! We passed our health inspection! The inspector asked that we get head coverings and aprons for the cook, send her for a full medical and buy 2 fire extinguishers. We are so excited!

Grace also met with the probation officer yesterday asking for a referrel for the Minister of Gender. She has agreed to write the report. Praise the Lord!!!

Please pray that the letters come to us in a timely manner. If the Minister of Gender comes on time we only have a week and a half to receive those letters.

We are also taking donations for the fire extinguishers. My husband will be leaving last week of February for the states to go back to work to help support HCU. Please pray for funds til he is able to leave.

We have our very first volunteer coming Friday during the night!!! Pray for safe travels for him.

I have 2 other pieces of very very good news, BUT I will post one each day instead of giving it all to you at once, :)) God is so good!

Blessings to all!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Health Inspection

Grace and I were very busy once again today, we finished some paperwork, and then we went to the district offices to ask for the referrel letter from the Probation Officer. She was not in today, so we asked where the Health offices is, and we went there! The nice people at the Health Dept let us pick our day to be inspected and were very very nice.

Monday next week is our Health Inspection, please pray! We have one week to finish everything!!!

We will try probation officer again Wednesday as my husband has a check up tomorrow and Grace and I have to go to immigration once again.

Blessings to All

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Update on License

Oh the Lord's blessings are so incredibly amazing! I am completely totally in love with the life the Lord has given to our family! The rewards and even the hard trials are so very worth being in total surrender to Him.

This week was so full, my husband fell ill and we spent 3 days in Kampala doing tests to find the problem. My personal conclusion (he is feeling better) is that the enemy is doing his best to slow us down and stop us from working.


We had an appointment with the Minister of Gender on Friday at Noon. Now I know this next sentence is going to amaze so many people. (Saying this with big smile and sarcastically) They are reviewing and changing the process to become an Orphanage. There were 2 very nice and helpful gentlemen in that office. They were saying that now the process is going to become 'backwards' from the way it is now because of so many orphanages that are being run illegally. We have less than 3 weeks to finish renovating and getting the health departments referral, the probation's officers referral and the town council referral. They will be here in 3 weeks time wanting all those things plus an Ugandan board in place! OH MY! What work we have to do in that amount of time is staggering!
We have to have all paperwork to run HCU in place so that they may review our processes, we have to finish the outdoor kitchen, (that has not been completed because of funds) we have to get all 3 referral letters. Of course each referral letter will have a fee involved. 

I beg each and every one of you to please take a few minutes and pray for HCU and this whole process. This license is a crutial part of this ministry. Please also pray for more individuals to step forth and volunteer their time with us, as the extra hands would be beneficial.

Praise report! My work permit was finally approved!!!! PTL, but on a side note, they have yet again lost Randys file.
Praise Report! While at the meeting Friday we were informed that we needed a full time worker with one of these certain degrees in community service, aka social work etc. I was in a slight panic as the ones I have interviewed have been wanting far too much money for what we can afford. We had taken Grace (the woman that schools my children with us) and as I looked at her with tears in my eyes and said Oh My what are we going to do, she got a very big smile and says, dont worry I HAVE!!!! I said truly? You have the proper degree and she said Yes, mom, I have, we will be fine! PTL!!!!!!!!!!! We will have to give her a slight raise and change her job, but PTL!

Now needed:
I now need someone to school my children!!!!!!! Please, Please, Please, someone please come and school my children for me! LOL
Funds are needed for finishing the kitchen, and we still owe on the van since we were not able to get the tax exempt status. We are also in need of consistant monthly donors. Please be in prayer for these things for us.

I was asking my husband yesterday, our lives are so incredibly blessed, I feel Gods hand on this ministry, could it be the enemy is attacking us through finances? Please pray for the ministry

Shamin (I spelled her name wrong the first time) and Faith are doing beautifully. We will take Shamin up to the disabled clinic hopefully this week.

Trusting in God's promises this Sunday

Friday, November 11, 2011

Beautiful New Arrivals!!!

This is Charmane!

When we found her.

The middle picture is once we got her home, she is already showing signs of happiness!!

We are asking for sponsors to help us with her medical bills and therapy that she is going to need. Please consider making a monthly donation towards this incredible need.

Here is our next new addition, we named her Faith. She was abandoned at the government hospital.

We would welcome sponsors for her as well!

Please pray for God's protection for these children!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Promised Pictures

Here are the pictures I promised, oh the beds are wonderful!

Are they not just perfect? Honestly though they are slightly large so the next 2 that arrive will be modified and slightly smaller.

The locking medicine chest is also here!

Now for some pictures of our beauties!!!

Now i may be biased but I think they are all gorgeous!!!
Please pray we are found favor when the time comes and are granted our license because having only 5 children right now we are falling in love with all 5!!!!! LOL Randy and I would then be proud parents of 12 children...OH MY!

Blessings to all!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Frustrations and Disappointment

Last week was so very busy! We went to Kampala 3 times in 3 days. I will try to lay our week out day by day for you all so you can get an idea of how frustrated we have become.

Wednesday we went to Kampala and went looking at vans for HCU, after hours and hours of looking we finally found one that was very very nice. It is a 1998, 14 passenger, the big engine, only 130,000 Miles, diesel, and did not have rust. All vehicles come from Japan and can have rust. We could not afford this van til they said since we were an NGO that they would be able to tax exempt it. We negotiated a price and put a deposit, then they informed us that we needed to get the tax exempt ourselves and it 'just takes going to the minister of finance and asking'. We were very re leaved that we were FINALLY chosen a van that we felt would be the most effective use of money.

Thursday we returned to Kampala and went straight to the Minister of Finance, there we met a very nice man who informed us that we needed to go see the Minister of Gender, He says if they refuse, get their refusal in writing and we will then consider you) (here starts the Kampala roundabout, around and around and noone helps or takes responsibility) At the Minister of Gender, the secretary there states, "you will not be approved because you have not been in operation 3 years" I ask, please put that on a piece of paper for me. She states, I do not have that authority! She also states Minister of Gender will be back the next day. I then asked her why would you say no if you cannot write it down, she then states, now that I have thought about it please go upstairs and see this woman, I think she is now handling everything. We go up the stairs and stand outside her door thinking she had someone in her office, someone finally walked by and stated she was not in because she was at a workshop. I go back to the Minister of Gender, she says Do you not have an African to chase this for you? At this point I knew it was going to be bad! We called one of our Ugandan friends in Kampala and asked if they would meet us for lunch, and asked him to start chasing this exemption for us. He says yes. We return home for the day finally.

Friday, Oh were we excited we were going to get to stay home for the whole day, just leaving to pick up items for the babies. My phone rings at 12:45 pm, it is immigration, they say your work permit application was deferred, ohh the emotions that ran through my head, I started crying, and I HATE to cry, and he says please Madam dont cry just come we fix. So we leave for Kampala by 1pm, get to Kampala and enter immigration, go to public relations, noone there knows it was deferred nor why, I go to 3 different rooms, and finally, after 4 rooms, we find mine, all they want is the NGO certificate, oh my goodness, he then informs me that next month when my special pass runs out to please return so he can extend it, WHAT? seriously? My application has now just got put back in the pool of those to be processed. We also ask, where is Randys, now this is going to shock you all, we cannot find Randys work permit, arent you all just shocked and amazed? So frustrating, every special pass is $150 plus each and every child as well. Craziness!!! We are running out of money just dealing with immigration. Please please pray that they process quickly!

Now back to the van, the man I have chasing the exemption has called said he doesnt think its possible to even be granted one, he went back to the Minister of Finance and there they flatly said no more exemptions, oh my, now we are short on funds, I ask Ernest if we can please just buy his now, and he says after van shopping with us, he wants to keep his! Please pray for a resolution to this incredibly frustrating mess.

Wednesday of this week we went back to Kampala to take our car to the mechanic and finalize what we could with the van.

Bad News....we could not get the tax exempt for the van, government says there is an indefinite hold on them. Now we are 2800 short.

Good News....Mechanic fixed car so nicely it drives like a whole different car!!!! Praise God!!!

Good News...Cribs were finished and locking medicine cabinets were finished. Pictures to come tomorrow!

Now need mosquito screens on all windows and the outdoor kitchen worked on. We need a refrigerator and paint for the kitchen.

Grace and I are working on all kinds of administrative and boring paperwork!!!! I would much rather be dealing with people than sitting doing the paperwork.

Pray that we find favor in obtaining our license to be an orphanage. We are slowly but surely making progress. Pray for our work permits as well as they are still not processed.

Blessings to all!

Will try to post pics tomorrow, out power has not been the best this week I had 3 drafts just trying to get one post out. But I will do my best!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Praising Jesus!!!

Yesterday we received Betty and Ester's Foster papers! We are very excited. We also received Jorams care orders for his transfer so today will be his last day with us. Please join us in thanking God for all His blessings!

We also have hit a snag in our orphanage license, one we knew was there but have been praying to God to intervene for us. The probation Officer is asking us to own land with structures on it. He is saying he does not like to approve orphanages that do not own land because if we would happen to get in an argument with landlord, and the landlord made us move, where would we go, and what would happen to the children we care for. I see his heart softening, and think now when I suggest if we compromise and we just own land, and structures can come at a much later time, would he seriously consider us.

I also think he is wondering if we are sincere and are dedicated to this ministry, and honestly, here, they are all valid concerns. I do not blame him in the slightest for being careful. So if you all would please pass the word along about our land fund raiser we would really appreciate it. It does not take much money at all here to purchase land. If we owned land we could also put chickens, pigs, cows and goats on it for food and milk as well!!!! Plus have our own garden.

The twin's father came to visit the other day and stayed with them for quite a few hours, I was very encouraged by watching him with the babies. Please pray for a decent job for the father and someone to help him care for his children. He was amazed at how much weight Ruthie has gained and how well they are doing. Since he has last seen them they are now crawling and pulling themselves up to a standing position.

Esters is having a problem with her HIV medicines, please pray that the DRs have the wisdom to correct this problem.

I am so thrilled to have my husband here, that every day, I find myself praying THank you Lord for my husband, but at the same time I try to start worrying about when he must leave again. I quickly remind myself to enjoy the time he is here with us, and not fret about when he will leave again. The lessons I have learned about trusting God  in absolutely every aspect of life!!!!!

We have rent due in November for 6 months,($1,500) that is our next big expense, please join us in prayer for funding for that.  Our Budget is around $1500 a month. We are currently receiving pledges of around $400.00

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support, we appreciate everything!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

SO busy!

SOrry I have not updated more recently, but with the arrival of my husband, and a visitor, we hit the ground running!!!

I have found a sponsor for the 3 yr old girl, it is a wonderful family from the Netherlands!!! I will have more information on her soon, but I did manage to gather a couple pictures of her.

I sat down today and made a list of the things I need to accomplish the rest of the month, once i hit #18 I stopped, I figure even if i get 1 item a day done, I am still into November. I am going to be so busy. Getting sick, for a few weeks and then hubby coming back has really slowed down my progress. Please pray we all stay healthy so that I can make a HUGE dent in the to-do list.

We are still shopping for a vehicle, the progress is slow here, it takes most the day just to look at one. We are attempting to have the mechanic look at any vehicle we consider so that it is not something that will take lots and lots of money to maintain and fix.

Prayer Warriors, here is our prayer requests
1. Joram and Ester, that they stay healthy and their medicines work in the proper way.
2. God's favor as we starting gathering necessary documents to become an orphange.
3. Funding sources, so that my husband will be able to stay with us.
4. God points us to right vehicle.
5. Work Permits, (they are 'lost' at immigration) Please pray they are approved quickly.

Thank you all for your prayers and support!!!!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

God is moving hearts!!!

We have this wonderful man that delivers bananas to us, his name is Hussan, the other day he asked if I would come to his village and take a 3 yr old child that had no mother and father, and that she had had a cleft lip that had been fixed, (from what I saw it was not done very well) She is a wonderful child, (well they all are aren't they?)

The most awesome thing about this is that the man was very sad about putting her into an orphanage as he himself loved her dearly. I explained to him that until our license comes through that we could not accept her. He then became even more saddened saying that if he had to put her into an orphanage that he wanted it to be ours, as he has seen what good care and how much we love the babies.

God immediately gave me a solution. I asked Hussan if he was able to feed her if he wanted to keep her, and he said Yes, Madame of course I would want her, she is a wonderful child, but I cannot afford to keep trying to take care of her. I said, Hussan, let us help, we will take care of medical bills and help you with food. He said Oh I cannot believe my good fortune, you would do that for me? She is like my daughter!

If anyone is interested in sponsoring her, please email us! It would only be $20.00 a month. That would supply all her food, including milk! If a medical need arose, we would cover the cost and then email you with the specifics, normally it is less than $10 for good care. I will post pics soon!

God is moving hearts! THis is a HUGE step as most just do not want another added burden, and here is this elderly man loving the child!

Praise the Lord!!!!

We also had 3 teenagers stop by last evening. They expressed interest in HCU, wanted to know more about it, and asked how they could be involved!!!! They also expressed that in their village there are some street children that are double orphans. I am encouraged and blessed at the way God is moving the people OF Uganda to step up and take action themselves!

Blessings to all!

Monday, October 3, 2011


My husband returns home tonight after 4 long months apart! OR at least I am praying he does. His flight out of Detroit left an hour and a half late, and that was the only connection time he had, so unless they hold the plane for him he will miss his connection. Please pray with me that his flight gains some time in route and he does make his connection!

The children and I are beyond excited to see him!

He is bringing me my other dog as well, and our friend Sam. I cannot wait to see everyone! This next week is bound to be packed with adventure!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catching Up

This time next week my husband will finally be here with us!!! I cannot wait, 4 long months without him! Our friend, Sam is also going to be traveling with him for a visit. I don't think I need to tell you all how excited we are that this day is finally near!

So this past week has been very busy, I have been sick along with 3 of my children. Betty has malaria again! Please pray for healing and God's shield of protection around us. I am having another health issue that could please use some prayers.

Joram has been diagnosed with TB, he is having troubles keeping his milk down, as he starts coughing and ends up vomiting. Please pray for the TB meds to help him quickly! I am supposed to meet with the probation officer today and see if he could be transferred to a different babies home that will have the means and experience to take care of him.

I have a visit scheduled into some of the villages that we are able to get to. We are going to pass out deworming pills to the children, and generally spread the love of Jesus to the people. I cannot wait for this trip, I LOVE village trips!

I am also starting to get the paperwork together to begin the licensing procedure to become a licensed orphanage for ages 0-5. This is going to be a long process, but we are praying for God's favor in this process. Please pray with us!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Joram is our new temporary addition to HCU. He will be with us temporarily until the care orders come through for him to be transferred. He is still very weak and needs lots and lots of prayers to pull through.

Please add him to your prayer list.

We are humbly asking that you also keep the vehicle fund raiser in your prayers!!! To date, we have raised, $0 so please please keep praying!!!!

Here are some other pics I have taken this past week.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Vehicle Fund Raiser!

We have been presented with an opportunity to purchase a vehicle that would be such an incredible blessing to this ministry, to our family, and to everyone who visits. It is a 14 passenger, diesel, 4x4, and it would be able to do the village work we are feeling so called to do.

Please share this post with everyone you know. We do not have the funds to purchase this vehicle and are asking your help, any donation would help whether is was 5,10,20 or 30 dollars. Our current vehicle is not large enough for everyone. I had to take the baby's to the Doctors for a check-up couple days ago and made 2 trips to get them all there and back.

Here are a couple pictures of it.

Prayer Warriors Please pray for us!!!

BLessings to all!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fears, and the Strength to Trust the One in Control

This past week and a half have been emotional, to say the least.  When we knew God was calling us to move to Uganda, I sat down and wrote my fears on paper, needless to say God had an answer for every fear.

This week has been a week of facing your fears head on and trying to deal with them.  To start, the night guard Emmanuel, called me to the back door to show me a snake the dogs had killed in the middle of the night, it was laying by the back door, yikes, now it was a tiny green snake about a foot long, but still a snake nonetheless. Now, keep in mind, every night all night, I would carry my flashlight with me and look for snakes and spiders on the floor as I would walk around the house. I has JUST quit this a week or so before. Needless to say, I am back to using my flashlight.

Two nights later, the power went off around midnight, I was still awake trying to go to sleep and heard scratching on a box, i quickly grabbed the flashlight, and sat there with the flashlight on the box, I refused to move the flashlight as I just KNEW it had to be a snake, or a rat. I hollered for Emma to turn on generator, and he came back to the window and informed 'mama' it would not start. It was still hot from earlier use. I wanted to cry!!!!! I was literally frozen in fear that it may be a snake. I asked Emma to come in through the baby room and please come see what was in my room. He entered my bedroom with the biggest stick i have ever seen, (comical now, wasnt then) he investigates and then starts chuckling, and says mama it isnt dangerous, and proceeds to show me some nondangerous, (according to him) bug in my box. I am living proof our fears make us look ridiculous!!!! I felt very stupid! It also once again left me longing for my husband instead of disturbing so many people with someting Randy would have taken care of.

Betty, the child we are adopting, was moaning and and whining, and I took her to clinic and she tested positive for malaria, I panicked!!!! After Clinton, and how sick he was I knew I was not ready for this. I cried, and prayed and cried.  Betty has responded the best one could hope for with treatment. She seems to be back to her normal self. Praises to God!

I faced many fears this past week, and was reminded quite often to praise God even in the midst of the storms!!!
One of my favorite songs!

I also have fears that are trying to creep in that we will never get fully funded and I will have to keep living life without my husband every 4 months or so. I remind myself instantly to trust the One in control and if this is what God wants than I am not in position to question His reasons. I also try to remind myself not to be so selfish. I love my husband, and to share such a closeness that we do with each other, it is extremely hard to live without him. But knowing that he is creating a home here for children with no parents, let alone still taking care of his own children, just makes me love him even more. Knowing that my husband is a Godly enough man to sacrifice as he has for Him makes my heart soar. Please continue to pray for us as these last 32 days apart are becoming harder and harder with each passing day.

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.
But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where theives do not break in or steal.
for where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.

Matthew 6: 19-21

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We have wonderful news!

Last week I picked up the NGO certificate. So this week I called the probation officer and informed him we finally had our NGO cert. and if I could have a meeting with him to give him his copy and start the next step in the process of getting everything properly registered, licenses etc.

I was able to finally get a hold of him on Tuesday morning and he said I am in office right now can you come now? I said YES! I picked up Henry and rushed to his office and he said now, the next step is registering with the district and then we will see about starting the baby home license.

We were able to register in a day! And pick up certificate the very next day! Speedy, unheard of in Africa! I was so amazed and feel so incredibly blessed beyond words!!!

We have now properly registered with the Government agencies and can now start the license process!!! Praise God! The doors God is opening for this ministry is incredible! I am totally and completely in awe of Him. I also feel very privileged to have Him as my boss!

Here are some pictures of Ester I took today at a missionary's friend house.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Vehicle

Calling all prayer warriors!

We need prayer, we spent the last 2 days shopping for a vehicle that would meet our needs within the organization. We finally found the perfect vehicle, it is a diesel, its a 4x4, has incredibly low miles, straight from Japan. It will get us into the villages without a problem, and the mechanic labeled it mechanically sound.

That all being said, it is 24,000,000sh and with our current car as a trade in and the last reserve of our personal money, we are still almost $4000 short in money. We refuse to take out a loan, we feel if God wants something to happen He will make it a reality. So we are asking all of you to please pray that God provides us with a vehicle that will allow village work.

Thank you all!

Monday, August 15, 2011


I realize last week I told you all we were not going to take any more children til our paperwork and license comes through. Well once again God had other plans, last Monday evening the police brought us TWINS!!!! Yes, twins, they are so very precious! They were dirty, hungry, and their hair had mats. We cleaned them up and I rushed them to the clinic, Deborah, the larger twin, and the oldest, had a severe skin infection that is already clearing up on medicine. Ruth, or Ruthie as I like to call her, is very small, and they said she had been very sick. She is already gaining weight, and is an extremely happy baby! She smiles at everyone and absolutely LOVES life! This has been another lesson learned, in although we try to decide our plans, sometimes God tosses you a curve! Huge praise, they are HIV negative!!! Praise the Lord!!!

I love that our ministry is spirit led and that we act upon whatever the Lord asks us to do! That being said, our formula bill has just tripled. Each can of formula costs 23,000sh or $9.00. Please pray about donating a can of formula! We are going through 1can every day and a half, as that price is for cans that are small.

I am going back to Kampala this week to get the children's dependant passes and check work permits yet again. I also have decided that we will go ahead and buy the worm pills and pray that funding is there. The children in the villages desperately need this treatment. We are also going to look at vehicles, we are really needing something higher off the ground.

We are all loving the task that the Lord put forth for us! I cannot imagine doing anything else ever again! Thank you Lord for this opportunity to serve you!

Please be in prayer for our children!


Pictures of the children