Thursday, September 18, 2014

Meet Lovi!!!!!!

Lovi came to stay at HCU this week. She is an absolute wonderful addition to HCU.

She was being taken care of by her Uncle who has been sent to prison. Lovi is going to need a sponsor for school and more surgeries on her hand and foot to fix the scar tissue that is deforming her appendages. She was burned last year in a house fire. She has already endured and survived, please help us fund her surgeries!

I am attaching 2 links, 1 for Lovis school and 1 for her upcoming surgeries. Thank you all for praying and helping this child!

Lovi's right hand is going to need surgery as the skin is pulling and deforming the fingers.

As you can see here, the fingers are perfectly functional, the skin just isnt allowing movement

Same with her Right foot, the skin is pulling the toes upwards and not allowing full functiion, her foot is very painful because with each step, she is tearing skin and causing open sores.
Even her elbow has a section where the skin pulls open and doesnt allow for perfect movement.

This is a picture of the open sores on top of her foot. Each step pulls the skin and allows it rip.

Please take the time today to say a prayer for Lovi and consider helping us improve her quality of life!

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Blessings to All!!!