Friday, February 10, 2012


We have had a new arrival!!! Her name is Shadia. We will just be rehabilitating her and then prayerfully returning her to her family.

This was the first day we received her.

This is after just 2 days!!!

Praise the Lord!!!
She has a long road in front of her and with a lot of love, prayers, food, and medical attention, we know she can get there with your help!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wonderful, Beautiful News!!!

We have a full physical exam on each and every child that enters HCU. They are tested for TB and HIV etc.

Now, the tests that are available for HIV will sometimes give a false positive for babies, any child 15 months and younger. This is because the child carries the mothers antibodies for a time period, now, when we have a baby test HIV+ we have to take them to the main hospital, and the main hospital sends the blood to Entebbe, there is is retested to make sure the baby is actually positive or if it is the mothers antibodies.

Faith Hope has been testing HIV+ We took her to the main hospital immediately after testing her. We have been waiting for 2 months for these results to come back. Emma has gone many times to get the results and had received many answers as to why he could not pick up the results at that time.

One of our workers had called in sick, saying her child was admitted to the hospital for malaria and chicken pox, Emma and I went to the hospital to visit the child, and he pointed out the woman sitting there and said to me, that is the woman that is supposed to be giving us the results for Faith, she was sitting there all alone, and so I went over and introduced myself and asked, could we please have her results?


Praise the Lord! I literally started crying and even Emma, got teary and said, I don't believe it, Oh My, I just cant believe it! We immediately returned home and had a huge family prayer full of thankfulness!

Blessings to all

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Month

February is here! We have a family here from England volunteering for 3 weeks. They arrived safely in the middle of the night last night, with their 3 little ones in tow!  Praise the Lord!

Prayer list for February:
That our orphanage license is completed this month.
Consistent monthly funding.
Randy will be leaving at the end of the month to return to the states to work. Funds are low.
ME! Angie, and the kids, it is very hard when Dad is away for so long. Pray for strength and understanding for the children and I.
We are still looking for land, long and painful process, please, be in prayer that God directs us to the land He has chosen for us.

We are considering starting home fellowship. Please pray we are consistent with this and that the children will learn and grow from it.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for being such a HUGE part of HCU! We could not be servants to our Lord without your help.

We have had 3 baby turkeys hatch!
The children are healthy and happy!
We were able to finish everything to do with the van, as a beautiful family from Canada helped us with finances for that one! Please pray for this family as well, they are adopting internationally and could use the prayers!
Randy was able to accomplish much this month. He has built new washing stations for the workers so they do not bend over as much.
He would also like to build some bookshelves but we are lacking the needed A complaint I hear often!!! I think he is feeling lost without his garage full of tools!

Our volunteers are here on a 'vision' trip to see if they would like to someday move back here permanently, please pray that God speaks clearly to them while they are here! Shaun does prison ministry in England and is very interested in started such ministry here as well. We went into Kampala a few weeks ago, to gain permission to enter the Mityana prisons, and they were excited there as only 1 person has permission and they only go once a month, to have someone ministering to them on a regular basis, Oh what the Lord could do!

Blessings to all