Friday, February 28, 2014

Pictures and More

Thanks to an awesome couple that are visiting the children now have some great bottles to use for water, etc. We thank them so very much!!!

Here are some pics of our babies! They are so wonderful!

Here are some pictures of the land again, the fence builders actually put up the gate today!!!
Our next steps is to finish putting in the poles then actually adding the fence. We are asking again if you would please consider donating to the fence because the chain link is going to cost anywhere from 4000-5000 and we do not have that at this point, we are completely trusting in God that the funds will arrive so that HCU can take one step closer to becoming self sufficient.
Please join us in praying that the fence gets funded.

Blessings to all

Thursday, February 13, 2014

HCU Land, Mitimbojje

We have many projects planned for HCU's land in the village. We own 3 acres in the village, we grow maize, cassava, potatoes, bananas, and much more food. There are fruit trees as well, mango, jack fruit etc. But We have a problem though, the villagers steal our food, potatoes peeled right in our garden, and bananas mysteriously missing, jack fruit stolen always, the children have not had a jack fruit off their land since we bought the place. We would be able to add a cow for milk and turkeys as well.

The projects we have planned are chickens, we want to sell eggs for an income, and above ground fishing.

Our friends in the Netherlands, Alkare, is doing fund raising for HCU's first chicken house that will hold 1,000 chickens, we are hoping to eventually get to 6 houses.

The above ground fish project is very little investment with great rewards.

So now is the time that we must get the land fenced. Randy and I have given of our own money to start getting poles, 400 poles, cement, sand, rocks etc.. We will still need metal gates, nails, chain link, barbed wire (for the loops around the whole land, security) and labor costs.

Please join us in praying that this extremely necessary need is met, building self sustainability will not be possible without the fence.

This is how post holes are dug in Uganda, then they scoop dirt out by hand. Very long and tedious process!!

Look at how nice everything is looking!

We cannot stress enough how important the fence has become!
For those receiving tax refunds, would you consider giving a portion to our fence?

If we do not get a fence, then the villagers will escalate to stealing our chickens and fish and all our efforts will be for nothing.

We have also had a new arrival at HCU he is a great child, and should hopefully only be here temporarily

Our goats in the village also had a new arrival a couple days ago!!!

Thank you all for praying for HCU!
I am hoping to get back into the swing of blogging but things have been crazy around here lately!