Saturday, December 28, 2013


Thanks to many wonderful donors, HCU had an absolutely wonderful Christmas!!!!!
Thanks to Alkare Europe, Judy, Little Bee Company, and many others!!!!
The children so appreciate the love and caring you are showing them.

For Christmas, the children received a projector, so we can have movie nights, that they can enjoy for many many years to come now!

The children also were able to get many many sweeties in the form of a pinata, they had such a fabulous time!!!!!

We also were able to have some storage finally made so that each child has their own space for storing their clothes and items that are theirs. This is an awesome design that was sent to us by one of our FB friends, and love it!!!! The units are fantastic and have so many good attributes to them!

They were all very happy to have a place for their things.

We also set aside some of the Christmas money so that next time the market comes to town we can take the children and let them help pick out some clothes for themselves. If we have any Christmas money left after market, then we are thinking of taking them on an outing to the zoo or something of that type.

Thank you to everyone that played a part in Christmas!!!
Blessings to all

Friday, December 6, 2013

Update on all Happenings HCU

Monday Sarah was admitted into the hospital, she was swelling in her extremities. I spent 2 days searching for a different hospital for her to be transferred to and found a great one just 2 days ago and am now comfortable that she is receiving great care!!! Praise God! if you want to donate to her care please put Sarah in memo line, her bills are going to be extensive.

We are doing a Christmas fund raiser for the children. We are building them cubbies so that they have a place to put their personal items! What a blessing these are going to be! We also want to get a projector so we can have movie night in the compound! The children will be so excited!

It was with bittersweetness that Shadia was transferred to an HIV orphanage, we are going to miss her but know that the care she is going to get there is much better for her than here in MItyana. Thank you so very much to Our Own Home, Jinja We will be going to visit her soon!