Monday, May 28, 2012


The twins Ruth and Debbie have been with us now 11 months!

Today they went home to their Father and Grandmother, how blessed we were to be apart of their life!

We were sad to see them leave HCU, but very happy that they went home with family.

How amazing is our God!
JjaJja Tata and the twins!!!

Please pray for them to transition well! Emma called the father when we returned home because i forgot our camera case there, and they were still crying. They are very fearful of strangers!

Its a beautiful area and i know that once they get to know their family again, they will be happy!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Photos of HCU New Shops!

Mobile Money Shop
This shop seems to be doing very well for its first month in operation! We opened the doors May 1st!

This Shop will be the Nokia wholesale shop with Mobile Money on the side.

Please pray for funds for the wholsesale shop as those are still lacking, and please pray blessings upon these shops so that they can supplement the income of HCU.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A number of things

I want to apologize for being gone for so long but our internet has been down for the past week! I keep thinking of things I need to get done but cant because the Internet is not working.

I want to update you on the status of everything around here!

First of all Joseph is doing alright, he is in much pain, and the last 3 days developed yet another pocket of pus that we drained. I am hoping the leg is going through the process that the Dr's are wanting it to. We drive out there everyday to clean and dress his wound, and I have to admit for a teenage boy he is doing quite well at keeping it clean and dry, I am very proud of him.

Our new HCU MTN Shop seems to be doing quite well for its first month in operation, please pray blessings over the shop, so that HCU can earn some income from it.

Our next self sustaining adventure begun today, well, actually it began weeks ago, but this week contracts were signed and we are officially signed on as Nokia wholesale dealer for the Mityana/Mubende Districts!!!! Today we found the PERFECT shop for the business. We are so very thrilled! Now comes the hard part that Randy and I do not do very well at all. We need your help! Would each one of you please pray about donating to this business? If you do decide to give for the business please write in the memo Nokia shop

Here is the breakdown of what is needed.

$600.00 for one years rent
$800.00 for painting and cabinets
$400.00 for desk and furniture
$800.00 for phone stock
$1200.00 for mobile money capital. (for those of you who do not know what mobile money is, it is the way most Ugandans send money to each other via their phones, all 1200 would just be money for floating funds, not used ever, just capital to be able to provide the service properly)
$2000.00 for drawer money. We will be taking orders from retailers and sending the orders to Nokia and this would just be money that once again is float money. When Nokia arrives with our orders, we pay them, and then when the retailer comes to pick their order we will receive our money back.

Grand total of $4600.00

The monthly expenses would just be rent and employee wage, (anyone want to come and volunteer to work in our shop?) around 350,000 shillings

The income potential, (keep in mind all of Uganda works off prepaid cell phones)

Selling phones to retailers plus our own retail as well.

the average profit is 10,000 per phone as a wholesaler
this means that 1 order of 35 phones pays all the bills!
The rest would be completely profit!
Plus with MTN mobile money and selling MTN airtime etc. We here at HCU feel this will be quite profitable!

Please prayerfully consider helping this ministry in this way


The land purchase was finalized and HCU is the very excited owner of land in Motimbojje

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Joseph Sees DR/Land

Joseph went back to the bone hospital Tuesday, he had slightly good news and somewhat bad news.

Joseph is not going to be able to have surgery until July, at least we are hoping its July.
Thats the bad news, the good news is that he was seen by western Drs at the bone hospital, and that they said his leg has been left for too long that now it has to go through a certain process before they can operate. If they operated this week like we wanted, he would most definitely lose his leg, this is why we now wait til July.

We were also able to finalize land purchase this week!!! Very exciting for HCU! The elderly lady we bought the land from had 5 acres, sold us 3, and after we had all papers signed informed Emma that we have 2 weeks to buy the other 2 acres or she will find other buyers. The last 2 acres are the best acres there!!!  The problem with 1 of the 2 acres is that her nephew lives on one and has built an Ugandan house there. She was trying to sell without his knowledge. Emma and I went to visit this man, (He is also an influential Muslim leader) and informed him what his Aunt was doing, he was very very upset. He said we will work something out with the Aunt and him.

Please consider helping us buy the remaining 2 acres, the land will be 8 million shillings, 3200 US 2500 Euro, but then we are going to have to buy the structures as well from the nephew. We are thinking 6-10 million for the houses. But that is unknown til we work with him.

Please consider donating so that HCU can own the whole 5 acres.

We were at the land yesterday digging an area for carrots, cucumbers, and cauliflower. Next week I have to go to Kampala to turn in NGO renewal papers, and I want to pick up spinach, lettuce, and many other vegetables.  The potatoes we planted a couple weeks ago are coming up very nicely!

We are very excited about this land and all the potential it has for HCU. Thank you once again to our friends that helped us purchase this land, may God bless you.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh the trials!

I had reported that Mulago was going to keep Joseph til Friday I am sorry to say Joseph was chased out of Mulago the next morning with instructions to return to Mulago June 1st as the Bone DR was now on leave til that date. They were also told that at that time his leg would probably just have to be removed. (Not acceptable)

Irene (one of our workers) spent all day traveling to different private clinics with him Tuesday. She was referred to a private clinic that just specializes in bones. They came home Tuesday evening. They have returned to Kampala this morning with the intention of going to the private bone clinic this morning.

Irene has called and informed me that they will return Tuesday to the Bone clinic for TREATMENT!!! Praise the Lord!!! Please pray with us that Joseph's leg will respond to the surgery and for healing within the leg, we are praying that the leg is saved. Also pray God's will in everything and also for His glorification!!!
I want to deeply thank those families that have donated for the cost of Josephs care, when I first met him, he looked so defeated and lifeless, I have seen hope and smiles all week, even in the midst of all the nonsense with Mulago and running to all the different Dr's.  To see so much change in him, I see hope, I see Jesus! Thank you all for being the hands and feet of Jesus for this young man!

This is the young man working for HCU on our land. He is tending our crops and goats, making sure people do not steal what we have planted etc. I need to start carrying around our video camera, because when Emma handed this young man his first money from HCU, he grabbed it, jumped up and down, and ran at his Grandma screaming, and then handed it and hugged his Grandma!  This young man is also Josephs brother, and he is taking care of his Grandma, sick Grandpa, and 5-6 children, on whatever money he is making from us, and he is now so proud!

Here he is harvesting our ripe coffee from our land!

Blessings to All!