Sunday, June 29, 2014

Betty's Father

HCU feels it is important to maintain family relationships, even with children whose parents cannot take care of them.

This weekend we took Betty to the village to see her biological father. He is 80 years old. We found his house in a very desperate state. The roof is completely rusted and full of holes, the builder says that the house cannot support a new roof and wont last through another rainy season. The back wall of the house is going to fall soon, it was wobbly when Pafra touched it. There are huge gaping holes in the mud, and the wood supporting the mud is rotten.

This man is still raising Betty's 10 yr old brother. We would like to bless him with a new house. He is too old to live in a house with those conditions.

Here are some pictures.

We have 2 choices, one to replace the mud house with a new mud house, or to make him a brick house.
The mud house will cost $1200 
The brick house $3,600 

Please pray about helping this man. his name is Sylvester.
If you choose to help please put betty in memo of paypal


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