Sunday, June 22, 2014

Village Projects

We have been focusing on finding ways of self sustainability.

At the end of this year we are putting in a chicken house that will house 1,000 chickens! With the help of the Dutch organizations Alkare and Wilde Ganzen. We will be selling chicken eggs. With these profits we will be adding on o our chicken houses til we have enough to completely fund HCU base budget.

Preparations have to be made for this to work efficiently. So we have been building a fence, toilet, and sufficient housing for people that will work with the chickens and on the village land.

 Finished toilets!!! These were definitely needed!!!

We are still needing $3,100 to finish the 2 sections of the building we are raising. This will be mostly for the roof and metal doors and windows. Would you please pray about helping us finish this half of the buiding? We will be finishing the other half once we start gaining some income!

We are very excited about all the possibilities this land will give the children, and how much it can be utilized for the benefit of HCU.

Tomorrow marks the last day the builder is going to be able to work, as Randy and I have ran out of money to continue. Please pray God works miracles!


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